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I just had a brand new danby ddw1809w installed. the plumber

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I just had a brand new danby ddw1809w installed. the plumber turned it on and ran a cycle to ensure it worked. I turned it on today to make sure it worked and it started right up, but since I didnt have any dirty dishes at the time, I turned it off by pushing the power button.

Now I want to use it and it won't start. It hums, but the pump won't start to run the jets or empty the bottom of the pan. I've tried everything in the manual. I've tried resetting the circuit breaker, unplugging the unit for an hour and plugging it back in to restart and nothing seems to work. Any ideas?
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Ok the humming is likely the fill valve turning on, but since there is no water coming in it will just hum. Check the water supply as this problem would seem to relate to a water issue. Let me know what you find.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Water supply is fine.


Is there some sort of fill level switch?

There is a float switch, but if it is humming right when you turn it on that should be the fill valve. Double check and make sure you do not have a a flood protection hose attached. Often the check valve in those stops the water flow to a dishwasher. I would still turn the water off remove the fill hose and turnn the water on and try and fill a bucket. Now if the unit is filling with water we will look for a different issue,.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I solved the problem while waiting. I took the filter out to enable me to drain the dishwasher of all water using a small cup. Got all the water out of it.


Turned dishwasher back on and pushed the pause/resume button. Everything works now.



Sounds like a strange issue, well I am glad you got it going.

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