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Hi,I have a GE TFX20JR side by side refrigerator/freezer.I

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Hi,I have a GE TFX20JR side by side refrigerator/freezer.I noticed last night that the fridge section was not a cold as usual.I usually run the fridge temp setting around 5 or 6 and the freezer at 6 or 7.I but adjusted the fridge over to 7 which according to the scale inside the fridge is cooler.When I checked it this morning there was no improvement.The freezer section seems to be fine running in the 20s everything is still frozen and the ice in the ice maker isn't melting or sticking together.Last year during the summer I had a concern with the fridge being barely cool and the freezer not as cold.At that time I discovered the back panel of the freezer was completely iced over.I remove all the contents and the back panel,defrosted the ice form the frozen over cooling coils,and replaced the defrost heater assembly.I installed the dual heating element kit in place of the single element kit.I also replaced the defrost control timer as an added precaution.Having done this just over a year ago,the first thing I check this morning was for excessive frost on the cooling coils to which I found a very minimal amount which appeared to be normal compared to what I observed after the previous repairs.What other issues could be causing the fridge section to run warmer that usual?My temp gun is reading about 53 degrees on the back panel inside the fridge.Besides inspecting the cooling coils I have cleaned the coils beneath the refrigerator,confirmed that the condenser fan under the fridge,and the circulation fan in the freezer are running and inspected the air flow passage and adjustment doors inside the unit between the fridge and freezer section for blockage.

Thank you for using Just Answer. I will be glad to assist you in your answer. Think about safety when doing repairs, electric, water, gas, ect.


Open the fridge door and feel for air flow. If none, open the freezer door and see if you feel airflow from the fridge vent again. If so, close the freezer door and see if the fridge vent airflow stops. Please let me know....thanks

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I don't feel any air flow from inside the fridge.I removed the adjustment lever cover earlier so that I could feel for air directly from the vent.There was almost no air flow from the vent.If I open the freezer door slightly then some air flow is noticeable but it decreases when the freezer door is closed again.

You are facing a defrost problem again. Unplug fridge, and do a continuity test on the round battery looking thing at top of cooling coil. It must be frozen to test! If continuity, then good, of not then bad. If good, test heater. If both check good, the replace the timer. Make sure to completely defrost the cooling coil, and the little open area to the right of the cooling coil at the bottom as well. Then you will be ok to reassemble, and plug back up to use. If this information was helpful, please give me a great rating. If not, or need part#'s, please respond back for more information....Thank you
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