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Frigidaire front loader washer, the door does not unlock after

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Frigidaire front loader washer, the door does not unlock after the lock light went out, and several hours later, and after killing the power breaker. No pull ring behind door, only plastic switch housing and wire plugs.
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Frigidiare washers are designed to unlock after unplugging the unit for at least 10 minutes. If that won't unlock the door, then your door lock has failed and there isn't much you can do but force the door open. It's possible that the plastic striker which goes into the latch may break during the process, but if the back up de-energizing safety measure won't work you really don't have any other options because the lock itself would need to be replaced.

In addition to that, if the washer didn't drain the water out, that would cause the door to not lock as well. So you may need to remove the lower front washer if you have an older Frigidiare front load washer or the entire back access panel and disconnect the hose between the tub and the pump to drain all the water out of the tub so that the door will unlock. Be sure to unplug the washer first and have lots of towels or a wet vac ready for the water to come out when you disconnect the hose.

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I have no option but to destroy the washer door, and then have a repair person tell me I need a new lock/latch and possible a control panel?

So I have never destroyed a washer door---I don't ever believe I said that was one of the options.

Will you likely need a new door lock? Yes, that is not something you or I can control. A washer will fail however it fails and that is something we must accept as a fact of life.

As for what to try before forcing the door open, you would want to unplug the unit and drain all the water out of the tub as I said before to make sure it's not full of water. If it still won't unlock then forcing the door is the only way to open the unit because it's not opening like normal and the secondary safety unlock by unplugging the washer isn't working either so it's a last resort.

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