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I have a Dacor, Model no. ECS227SBR pure convection oven bought

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I have a Dacor, Model no. ECS227SBR pure convection oven bought eight years ago. For some reason, the bottom oven stop to work and the top one is starting to act up also. What can I do to fix it?
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Does the bottom oven not heat on bake, broil, convection or anything? And can you explain what you mean by the "top one is starting to act up"?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

The bottom oven does not heat or bake, or broil, or anything. It stop working. The top oven is starting to act up. Last night I was broiling salmon and it took more than one hour to cook.

So broiling in this oven isn't a great option unfortunately. The way the unit is designed, the broiler will turn on and off after the top of the oven reaches 550 degrees. So I'm not really sure if there is a problem with the top oven because I always tell people that wall ovens aren't really designed to broil steaks and fish and such like older units were able to. There are reasons behind this which has to do with circulating the air and not being able to leave the door cracked open like older ovens.

As for the bottom oven not heating---either you have a bad control board or a faulty high limit thermostat. So you'll want to turn the circuit breaker off and open the bottom door. Remove the screws going into the vent that goes across the door latch just above the oven cavity. There is a 1" round device that is silver and black with a tiny red button on it. Push the red button hard and if it clicks, the bottom oven will start working. If it doesn't click then you'd need a new relay control board for the bottom oven unfortunately.

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