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We have a 4 year whirlpool ARC 5555 fridge. Very simple. No

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We have a 4 year whirlpool ARC 5555 fridge. Very simple. No fans or vents. Freezer on bottom cools fine, top box at 50. Compressor runs and back coils get hot. Are there separate cooling coils embedded in box for fridge section, or does it all cool from visible coils in freezer box
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Yes there is a separate set of coils in the refrigerator section for cooling. If the rear condenser coils are really hot, you either have a blockage in the sealed system or your systme is low on freon and you have a leak. It would not typically have a really hot condenser if it were low on gas. Either way this is not going to be a repairable issue as this will cost you a lot of money and a company to come out unless you have all the tools to do sealed system work with freon and gauges. Sorry for the news
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Are the fridge coils in parallel or series with the freezer?
Is there a tee ( hidden) in the incoming cold line?
The freezer works fine. The evap coils get moderately hot.
I assume this means the gas is ok?

Where would the blockage be?
Would it be a bent tube?
They are in series the coils are behind the rear panel in the refridge section
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

1) if they are in series, and the fridge box line is blocked, why does the freezer work fine?


2) What is a typical blockage? External ( bent tube) or internal?

Based on your description and the moderate temps it would appear the unit has a freon leak. Then the cooling will basically start to creep back starting from the refrig coil which is the last part of the cooling circuit. That is why you are getting the luke warm temps. The freezer will still cool for now until more gas leaks out then that will eventually start to warm up as well. Basically it is like a slow leaking tire. You are losing gas and the system can not keep up with the demand so the last part of the evaporator loses the ability to cool and slowly creeps back to the freezer evaporator until none of it cools as you lose freon. There is not much you can do given this issue other than get someone out that can either repair and find the leak and recharge it or junk it. I think junking it will end up being the option given sealed system repair costs.
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I have just had a technician check this out. It appears to have nothing to do with a blockage or loss of freon.


He has determined that the thermostat is bad.