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Randy 43
Randy 43, Home Appliance Technician
Category: Appliance
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Experience:  20 yrs experience 18 in home,gas license , refrigeration expert
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My 6 year old GE profile refrigerator turned hot in the last

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My 6 year old GE profile refrigerator turned hot in the last 24 hours and essentially cooked the food inside. The freezer seems to be working fine. The upper light was out when I first opened the fridge but later came back on. It was very hot to the touch. I guessed that an errant light made the inside temp rise, so I duct taped the light switch down. Fridge now seems to be cooling. Any thoughts? Do I have a bad light lever?

Randy 43 :

Hello, my name is XXXXX XXXXX iam happy to help you with your question today..if you flick the lite switch multiple times does it stay on sometimes? or react erratically?

Customer: It seems to be going off now if I switch it on and off. When I switch it off, there is a small humming sound. Light housing currently cool. Earlier it was hot to the touch.
Randy 43 :

If it is a intermittant switch and leaves the lite bulb on constantly that will definately generate heat in the fridge section , ive had those switch stick , if you slowly close the fridge door can you see the lite go off inside?it should go off with about 1/2" left before the door closes..if the switch is intermittant ,I would agree with you that is the issue with the cooling , and changing the switch would be reqd

Customer: I can see the light go off when I slowly close it. We had not be in the fridge for about a day and the heat build up was incredible. Lettuce was cooked. Coke exploded. Basically everything ruined. I did notice the other day that the upper light was off. And then magically, it reappeared.
Randy 43 :

maybe take the bulbs out for a day or so ,and see if any problems return , seems a bit strange that the heat is so high , freezer blows cold air into the fridge section , if the bulb was on 24/7 it would cause excessive heat ,if all ok after a few days i would change the lite switches ,just to be safe

Customer: Is there any other possibility for that much heat other than the light switch?
Customer: Also, would just putting duct tape on the switch accomplish the same thing? It's easier than changing the bulbs.
Randy 43 :

yes , you can do that as well , the fridge is just a cabinet ,that receives cool air from the freezer , the only thing in the fridge section that could possibly cause any heat are the lite bulbs , it can only be from the bulbs

Customer: Thanks. That makes sense. We will have switches changed.
Randy 43 :

ok ,good luck , have a great weekend

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