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I have an Amana electronic temp assure bottom-freezer refrigerator

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I have an Amana electronic temp assure bottom-freezer refrigerator - the temperature control for the fridge side keeps reseting to 7 - the only way I can stop stuff freezing in the fridge side is to set the freezer to 2. Most of the time, the controls are "stuck" and cannot be changed. Power-off/on cycle doesn't help but occasionally the controls work - but shortly after I reset them to something sensible, the fridge side increases back up to 7. I'm guessing I need a new control board?

Hello Paul my name is XXXXX XXXXX you for choosing our service.

Give me a few minutes to look at the diagrams for your model. And the control will get stuck, the numbers will not change at all, not even briefly?


Customer: replied 4 years ago.

If I click on the controls, nothing happens. But once in a while, they work normally. Usually after reseting to 4, say, the fridge side will start to creep up to 5, then 6, and when it gets to 7, it stays there. The freezer side is currently on 2 - at that setting the fridge is just on the verge of freezing so it's sort of OK, but something isn't right. Very occasionally, after opening the door, the display with flash 1 - 0 and switch on and off rapidly, then go back to displaying 2 - 7. I had wondered if condensation was the cause, but after a long defrost and dry-out, the same problem showed.

Thank you, XXXXX XXXXX uploading a sheet for you, just a couple of minutes more Paul.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks Barry - the manual that came with the fridge is the same as this one:

You are very welcome Paul, thank you for the opportunity. Yes sir that is the owners manual for your model.

What you might try is taking the board out, there are buttons on that board. Lubricate them and see if maybe one is sticking. That would keep it from changing, maybe that will take care of it. I really doubt that it will but its worth a try, its the only thing you can do other than replacing the board. So yes sir you are correct replacing the board is going to be the solution unless there is a button stuck. The part that you see is just an overlay, the actual buttons are on the board.


Above is a sheet I have linked to help you get it out and in. It may not be exact to your model but it is very close. Scroll down to page 2 on the left where it says PC control. Maytag/Amana lumps several models into one sheet, it is normal for them. The part number for the board is 12784415 and I have linked one site below for you.

Please ask if you have questions, if not then please leave a rating for me.


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