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Neptune Model MLE2000A7W does not spin. It agitates fine. I

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Neptune Model MLE2000A7W does not spin. It agitates fine. I inspected the belt and it is in good condition and is tensioned properly. The washer appears to fill to the correct level and actually washes the clothes just fine. However, the washer simply will not spin.
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Can you turn the washer on at the spin cycle and does the lock light illuminate on the control panel after you start the cycle within a few minutes?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

The lock light came on after about one minute.

OK perfect. So next, you need to start a spin cycle, pull the unit out and remove the back access panel. Does the pulley turn back and forth sort of like it's washing but it never goes up to the spin speed?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I started a new spin cycle. The pulley turned back and forth several times, stopped agitating, then it sounded like it was trying to pump water (no excess water was in the washer since I had not set it where it would fill).


After a couple of minutes, it turned a couple of rotations counter-clockwise as viewed from the back, stopped, then started to "spin" clockwise slowly for multiple rotations, appeared to try to speed up, almost imperceptably, then stopped. The pump continued to try to run for a couple of more minutes, then stopped. After about a minute, the pulley went CCW again a couple of rotations, stopped, then once again went CW for multiple rotations, it definitely appeared to try to spin but was certainly not fast enough to extract water from clothes, then it stopped spinning and the pump came on again.


After a minute or so the washer started agitating back and forth about two spins in each direction, several times, it was still doing this when I came back to the computer.

OK perfect. So the problem is that your washer thinks that the tub is out of balance. It won't go up to full speed spin because each time it tries to balance the clothing and ramp up, it stops because it thinks it's out of balance. Now there are 3 out of balance switches on this tub. One is below the outer plastic tub toward the front. One is on the right side of the tub somewhat toward the top. And the last one is directly on the top of the tub in the middle. Now the other 2 switches very rarely fail, but the top one is a ball bearing switch and the ball bearing hits the switch a lot so it will weaken the switch causing it to trip for no reason. It's really a difficult part to access since this is stacked with a dryer on top, but this is the switch you'd want to replace. Below is a link to the switch you'd need for your model.


Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Can I wait until the part arrives and I have repaired the washer to supply a rating for you? If this part fixes the washer, I will give an excellent rating.

Generally we request a rating now at the time of help and you can change it later or ask follow-up questions later if you needed. But if you have any follow-up questions we always encourage you to post back and ask.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Ok, that is fine, I will provide a rating now.


A follow up question. I cannot see the top middle switch from the open panel at the back of the washer. Do you have any tips on how to access this switch? Will I need to remove the dryer from the top of the stacked unit, or can the switch be accessed by removing the front control knob panel?

Sure. It's not easy but you do access it through the front. Probably the best way to access it is to first open the washer door and remove the 2 screws going in through the door hinges into the front panel. Then remove the 2 screws on the opposite side of the door way. The front panel will unclip at the top and hinge forward and down. Now remove the screws holding that angled panel down just above the front panel on the right and left side and remove that angled panel.

That's really about all the access you get, although you can remove the door latch and such to gain a bit more access.

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