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(Appliance Doc Only) I have to put a bake element in a range

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(Appliance Doc Only) I have to put a bake element in a range oven and sometimes I need female spade wire connectors for the wires that connect to the element. The ones locally never seem quite as big as the original connectors--tight, and the insulation won't fit in the tube of the connector. I'm always worried about any small gap where the bare wire enters the tube. Is that a concern? I found some connectors I'll ask you about, or see what you used.
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So you can actually get insulated connectors at Home Depot that should work, this is what I use. There are 2 different kinds of connectors 1/8" spade and 3/16" spade. Now Home Depot won't sell the smaller 1/8" spade connectors, but you can get those at a radio shack if needed. The larger spade connectors are the ones used on the bake elements. Usually the smaller ones are used on things like microwaves or door lock assembly and such.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Is there any worry that these should be hi temp or is that just a waste? In other words, when you go to Home Depot, are you looking for hi temp connectors, or is that not an issue? (I thought someone once told me that for wires that carry 240v they should be stainless steel, but all I know for sure is that he told me that about making wire extensions in oven wire to use the ceramic wire nuts.) That was some time back, and it's all a little foggy now.

So there is no worry since the terminals are mounted behind the oven. If you splice wires, you'll get ceramic wire nuts because normal wire nuts can't handle the heat. Same with electrical tape. But these pre-insulated terminals have an insulation that holds up to the heat generated by the oven behind the cavity.

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