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master switch (fuse box) for power circuits keeps tripping.

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master switch (fuse box) for power circuits keeps tripping. Have isolated the problem to the fridge. ie fridge off no problem. However fridge is operating 100% normally! When cb trips immediate reset is possible without switching fridge off and problem reoccurs exactly 3 hours later! Ideas please?

SparePartsPro :

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The fridge is putting undue load on the mains circuit.
The compressor is being switched via the thermostat so ideally you need to find out if the breaker trips when the compressor comes on.
If it does then what you have is a breakdown in insulation resistance possibly with the fridge or with another appliance on the same circuit.
Unplug all other appliances except the fridge and see if the compressor trips the breaker then.
If it doesn't it's a combination of all the appliances.
Here in the UK the mains circuit can only drop 30mA before the breaker will trip.
With 10 appliances thats 3mA each.
Ideally you need a meter called a megger to do an insulation resistance check on all your appliances together with a check on earth leakage on the mains circuit.
Hope that makes sense, if not let me know.


problem solved. appeared to be associated with internal clock on fridge hence the 3.1 0 hr interval between trips thanks

SparePartsPro :

Glad to hear you got it all sorted in the end.
If you need any other help with this you can reply back at any time.

Best regards Tony

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