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My GE spacemaker stacked washer will not drain at spin cycle.

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My GE spacemaker stacked washer will not drain at spin cycle. I saw a previous thread saying to take off the front cover and inspect the drain pump. Problem is I cant seem to find a way to get the front cover off! the model number is XXXXX Any help would be much appreciated.


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Yes you need to get at the drain pump. It could be jammed with a sock or could be bad. Get a putty knife and a flashlight. Look about 2 inches or so from each side in between the top and front panel. You will see two metal tabs. Slide the putty knife in and under each one and pull on the side of the front will pop off towards you. Repeat for the other side and then lift the front panel off. Then you can get right at the pump. You can see if the cooling fan turns on the pump by hand. If it does not there is probably a sock in the pump.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

not working there are screws holding cover on that i cant get to

Im sorry for some reason the look up comes up different on one site than the other. On the other lookup it shows that model as a different machine, like you have I believe. You need to remove the plate in between the washer and dryer. There are a couple clips towards that back on each side you have to pop them off with a screw driver.= if you do not have those you need to remove the back L bracket screws. The look like wide metal S shaped style clips or just an L bracket way in the back. Once they are off you can slide the entire top lid straight forward and off. Then you can remove the inner panel screws to get the front off and get at the pump. Now you should check your lid switch. If it is not working it will not drain/spin. You should hear it click when depressed and it is attached to the top lid of the machine. You will see if when you slide the lid off.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

what do i do if its broken? no click and when I pushed it a spring came out and the unit opened. Is it repairable?

Yes it is repairable, you just need a new lid switch. The whole top slides off once you take the L brackets off if you do not see clips...they are on the back edge of the top. Once it is off you can take off the old lid switch and put a new one on. Here is the part link

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