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My 24 " Kenmore wall gas oven has a broiler that keeps turning

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My 24 " Kenmore wall gas oven has a broiler that keeps turning off and on....the flame isn't consistent enough to even broil hamburgers. Technicians have been out twice and said it is a design problem but should work if I let it pre heat for at least 30 minutes before use. I did and it still wouldn't cook the burgers. I have a warrantee that is still good. Any thoughts on what I can do about it?
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So the technician apparently doesn't know how this unit works, but that being said--it doesn't sound like the oven is working incorrectly. Perhaps I can explain how it's working so you better understand, but there may not be a way to really get the unit to broil hamburgers like you want.

A few years ago (almost 10 now actually) the government put in a regulation that requires the front door to remain below 117 degrees at all times so that kids don't come up and touch the door and burn themselves. The manufacturers came up with a way to suck air from the bottom of the door and circulate air though the door and over top of the oven then down the back and blowing back out into the kitchen at the bottom on these wall ovens. This helps cool the entire oven cabinet as well as keeps the door glass cool. Now the problem is that you can't leave the door cracked open like you used to when broiling on older oven. If you did, then air wouldn't suck through the door and hot air inside the oven would be sucks up into the top of the oven and it would actually heat up the oven cabinet instead of cool it down.

So that is why broil will no longer stay on as long as it once did. With the door shut, the inside of the oven will get up to 500 degrees eventually where the thermostat is located and eventually shut the broiler burner off and regulate the temperature never exceeding 500 degrees. Now for the first 7-10 minutes, the broiler will stay on without turning off. This is considered to be OK because most things never take more than 10 minutes to broil since broiling is usually used for just browning things like garlic bread, melting and browning cheese on nachos, etc... This results in a problem if you're trying to broil a steak or hamburger that takes longer than 10 minutes, but that's just something these ovens are just not capable of doing anymore. Either way, there is no way to make the oven work differently but you DEFINITELY do not want to preheat the broiler for 30 minutes before you use it. Only preheat for 30seconds to 1 minute at the most before using the broiler otherwise the oven cavity will get up to temperature and the flame will start shutting down for certain.

The information he gave you is good if you're using the bake option, but not the broil. If you use the broil, you don't want to preheat much at all because the longer you preheat, the sooner the burner will shut off.

I hope all this makes sense but if you need any clarification, please let me know.

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