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I have a whirlpool gu2700xtsbo dishwasher. It was making a

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I have a whirlpool gu2700xtsbo dishwasher. It was making a lot of noise when it operated. It finally stopped working and gave me the 7 flashes on the cleaning light error. I reset the dishwasher to clear the error. Now it's quiet but doesn't run through the wash cycle. The water doesn't spray inside. The basin fills and there is heat. Could it be the circulation pump that needs to be replaced?
Hello,My name is XXXXX XXXXX be helping you today. Give me a few minutes to pull up your model. thanks .Be right back. Do you hear the pump running at all ? (once its full of water )
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
I hear clicks as it goes through its cycle but when I open the door there's only water in the basin. The rest of the unit is dry. Except for some condensation from the steam.
okay but the water in the basin is like at least 2 inches deep ? (as much as normal correct ) ? if so and the circulation motor isn't running then you are correct and the pump needs to be replaced. if the cycle runs down but the pump doesn't run then replace the pump. heres a link to order the part circulation pump Click that blue link. when you get to the part link theres a see help video button, click that to see a video on how to replace the pump. the pump is around $123.00.
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Yes the water is a couple of inches deep. I can change just the motor? It looks like it's all one unit. Do I need to change the heating coil as we'll if I have to replace the entire unit?
Yes you can replace just the motor and impeller assembly. you said this is heating so no need to change the heater, these machines are different from the older ones and you can change just the circulation pump motor on these. If you wish however you can change the whole assembly. Circulation Pump W10237169 Main Product View its a bit more however. $169.75 thats up to you though. you really only need to change the motor in this . Circulation Pump Motor W10239404 Main Product View
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Thanks so much for the help. A great service you have here
your very welcome, This question will remain open for as long as you need if you have further questions, have a great day and thanks, Bryan