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I just took apart my maytag dishwasher Model #MDB7600AWW and

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I just took apart my maytag dishwasher Model #MDB7600AWW and collected some broken plastic out of the bottome (had grinding noise). I cannot get the 6 screws to set tight back into the pump cover assembly. Also, one of the raised plastic parts on the underside of the pump cover to secure it to the motor has broken off. How do I get the screws to take? I can put the larger cover on and secured with the three larger screws.
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You just do not have it lined up properly. You may have the base turned as it only goes in one way. You should look at the bottom of it to make sure that it is lined up with the ports. Watch this video he shows right in the beginning to line up the two halfs. It is just a matter of getting them right otherwise they will not go.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

the video link is nowt working

sorry about that

Click here
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Yeah, I watched that video and the other three parts earlier. I pulled the motor to clean the gasket so I have it apart again to be sure the motor is aligned that way he has it at the end of part 2.

Are you sure you have the correct screws. There are the large ones for the folter top and the six for the bottom. If none of them are going in it is just an alignment issue.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I did have the right screws but it was an alignment issue. I had not put the motor back correctly. Stopped the part 2 video on the screen shot of the motor and put it back as it should be. Running a rinse cycle now to be sure that I did not create a gasket leak. Thanks for the help. Your suggestion about alignment made me go back and recheck how everything lined up.

Great sounds awesome, all I ask is that you rate my assistance thanks again!!
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