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I have a gas stove and when I was using the oven to bake something,

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I have a gas stove and when I was using the oven to bake something, after 20 minutes of using it I began to hear a clicking like sound every few seconds from the back right part, almost as if there was a fan that hitting something every rotation. It continued to work fine despite the noise. When I turned the oven off it stopped immediately. When I turned it on again, it began immediately.

When the oven had cooled, I turned it on again and it didn't make the sound, almost as if it only happens after some use.

Can anyone help give me an idea what the issue can be? Is it dangerous to use? Does it have to do with the gas?

FYI- we had a recent move. I had used the oven since the moved and had not had any issued until now.

Thanks for your help.
Hello, and thank you for using this service. I'll be helping you with your problem today.

So it sounds like your cooling fan on the back of the refrigerator is just beginning to go out. You can watch the fan move if you pull the oven out and remove the back panel. If it looks like the blade is wobbling, you can possibly bend the fan blade to straighten it out. But other than that, replacing the fan is about all you can do because when it heats up the metal expands which is why you'll hear the noise when the oven is hot and not when it's cool at this time. Eventually the problem will likely get worse and create the sound even when cool, but for the time being the issue isn't bad enough to happen all the time.

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So I wouldn't be using WD40 since it's so flammable, but if you had a silicone lubricant spray, you could definitely spray the shaft of the motor and see if that helps.