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Danby DAR604BLS. The led display shows the cabinet temperature

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Danby DAR604BLS. The led display shows the cabinet temperature at 68 F. When using the up and down temperature arrows, the display flashes then goes back to 68 F, without changing the temperature. Is there another step to set/ change the temperature which is not indicated in the manual?

Appl-Tech :

Hello, thanks for letting us answer your questions. We appreciate your business!
When you use the set temperature, the numbers that go up and down when you are pressing the buttons, show the temperature you want the fridge to be set at. Then the control reverts back to showing you the internal temperature of the fridge. It sounds to me that the fridge is just not cooling and it is telling you the temp is 68 F
You need to go around the back of the fridge and check to see if the compressor is running.
Tell me what you find.


I pulled the fridge out and can not hear anything running, but not sure what I am looking for.

Appl-Tech :

On the back is what looks like a big black metal ball. That is the compressor. If it is running, it should be warm and a slight buzzing sound will be coming from it. Also there are metal tubes attached to it that should be hot.

Appl-Tech :

You will need to take the back panel on back of the fridge off to see these parts.

Appl-Tech :

Compressor - Part #(NNN) NNN-NNNNMfg Part # XXXXX
Full Size Image

Appl-Tech :

I am not sure how old your fridge is, but after doing some research on the parts, it appears that there is a very limited number of parts that are available for purchase. The one part that I think is the problem, is the computer power board that supplies electricity to the compressor is not available for you to buy.
I am sorry to say that your fridge may not be repairable.


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