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I have an over the stove Kenmore Elite Microwave Model 721.63764300

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I have an over the stove Kenmore Elite Microwave Model 721.63764300 purchased in July 2003.

The other day I put in a cup of coffee to warm it up. When I pushed the start button the microwave clicked or buzzed and I immediately shut it off. I tried again with the same results. I tried a third time and it worked fine. It worked fine for several uses after that incident.

Yesterday I put an item in the microwave to warm it up. I set the time and pressed the start button. The microwave clicked or buzzed a moment and then it went dead. The display window is completely dark. I have checked the fuse in the circuit that feeds the microwave and it is okay.

I then called a local repair person and explained my problem. They He said it probably is the high voltage (something or other). He said considering the age of the microwave I would probably be better off buying a new one rather than having him coming out to diagnose the problem and try and repair it.

I would like to have your opinion regarding what you think my problem might be and what is the best solution. Should I fix it or buy a replacement?
Hello my name isXXXXX will be assisting you with this problem today. Thanks for trusting us to help you with this appliance question.

The problem here is either going to be the magnetron, High voltage capacitor or High voltage diode. This is not a good DIY fix because factory test equipment will be needed to accurately diagnose the problem plus the unit stores lethal voltage even when unplugged.

I recommend you take the unit down and take it to a experienced workshop to have it fixed. The cost would be anywhere between $150 - $250, Bearing in mind that most new units cost around $229 you may want to look for a new unit.

After the warning given if you decide you want to fix this yourself and have a multi-meter and amp meter I would be happy to assist you further :)

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