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We have a Samsung refrigerator model Rf267ABRS that we purchased

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We have a Samsung refrigerator model Rf267ABRS that we purchased in 2009. About a month ago, the refrigerator started warming up although the bottom freezer was fine. We noticed ice on the inside back wall of the refrigerator and also noticed that we didn't hear the fan running anymore. We unplugged the refrigerator and let it thaw out for over 24 hours. Plugged it back in and it appeared to be ok....for 2 1/2 weeks. First we heard the fan being noisy, then it stopped and eventually the refrigerator started warming up again. We removed the panel off the back wall inside the refrigerator. There was a lot of ice in back of the panel and the fan was coated in ice. Again the freezer is fine. My husband is an electrician and started testing different parts-the fan wiring harness, the thermistor and the heating line that runs around the coils. Everything appears to have continuity although he isn't sure if there is 100% flow, not knowing what the specs are for each of these things. Our refrigerator is now super cold, although we have increased the temp to 46 degrees. Everything freezes in there now. We thought the super coldness is because we have removed the back panel with the insulation. What was the initial problem that caused the fan to ice up and stop working and what is now causing it to be as cold as the freezer? We do not have any error codes on the outside panel. It does say the refrigerator is at 46 degrees, but it is much much colder than that now. Can you help?

Francis :

Hello, You can have your thermistor replaced. You may have two of them, one inside the wall of the fridge that monitors the temperature of the fridge and one attached to the cooling coil. This thermistor attached to the cooling coil is most likely the culprit. it does not send the signal for the computer ( mother board ) to initiate defrost that is why the ice builds up on the cooling coil and migrates to where the blade is and prevents the blade from turning later on.

Francis :

Observe it for a few days after replacing the thermistor. Let me know what happens.


We thought so, too, and have already ordered a new thermistor. We did not realize that there are 2 of them, so that is interesting to know.We will let you know if it solves the problem.

Francis :

Ok. I hope it would solve your problem by then. Thank you for using this service.

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