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I have a Miele Incognito dishwasher that was installed in 2000.

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I have a Miele Incognito dishwasher that was installed in 2000. In the past month it has started making a loud noise when the water shuts off during the wash cycle. I have looked in the cabinet and touched the solonoid valve when this happens. I can feel it vibrating. How do I fix this issue?
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So you think the noise is coming from the fill valve solenoid?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

yes, the sound comes from the fill valve solenoid.

You can replace the valve as they do go bad and it may not be shutting off correctly. The valve is all part of the Water Proof System, you need to remove the entire unit from the cabinet. Lay it on its back. Remove the 4 screws that hold the drip pan on, then

1. Remove the drip pan.
2. Release the hose clamp tension and remove the intake hose from the flow meter (or water intake assembly).
3. Disconnect the electrical connection to the solenoid valve located near the front of the water softener salt tank.
4. Release the locking collar tension on the back of the dishwasher and remove the WPS by pulling outwards.

Replace the valve assembly.

Now lastly you may want to make sure you are not having a water hammer issue from the water line to the unit. If a water hammer has gone bad the pipes will hammer also causing noise. Otherwise replace the valve
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

what is a water hammer? How can I tell if it has gone bad? I would like to eliminate this possibility before I go through the trouble and expense of replacing the valve assembly.

The water hammer is a plumbing device that is on some water lines. If the pipes are hammering or knocking when the valve shuts off the water hammer is likely bad. You may or may not have one on your water all depends on who did your plumbing to your house.
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