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Thin twin stackable , washer will only fill water,,will not

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Thin twin stackable , washer will only fill water,,will not agitate or spin or pump water out?
Hello, and thank you for using this service. I'll be helping you with your problem today.

So since you replaced the motor, that doesn't sound like that will be the problem. You will want to remove the drain pump off the motor shaft and see if the motor will turn, that will let you know if something is jammed inside the pump preventing the motor from moving.

Next, if the drain pump isn't the issue, remove the motor and set it in a plastic Tupperware tub or something else so that you can run the motor without the transmission attached. If the motor still won't turn, you're down to either a bad timer not sending power, or a bad start capacitor. Test power between the RED and YELLOW wire on the motor when it should be running and you should have 120 volts. If not, then you need a new timer. If you do have 120 volts, follow that red wire to the black cylinder and that is your start capacitor that you need to order and replaced.

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.
If it is the timer,how do I get that out of the machine ,I this stackable makes it hard to get at. And where would that capacitor be at,by the motor ?
The capacitor could be attached to the side of the motor, or it could be mounted to the back wall behind the tub somewhere.

As for removing the timer, you need to actually remove the entire control panel which means removing all the screws going into the angled panel between the washer and dryer and removing that panel. Then removing all the screws coming in from the bottom, sides, and front of the control panel so that you can pull the control panel off to see the timer for replacement. Unfortunately I would need to be there to know exactly all the screws that need to be removed.

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