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I purchased a replacement freezer door for my Frigidaire model

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I purchased a replacement freezer door for my Frigidaire model FRS26HF6BW6 from SearsPartsDirect. The existing door has a wire harness that goes from the top of the door to the ice/water dispenser and a plastic tube that goes from the bottom of the door to the water spout. Neither of these items were in the replacement door. Is there a way to transfer these parts from the old door to the new one?
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So yes, believe it or not, the wiring harness and the water line does transfer to the new refrigerator but it's very difficult. The old wire harness gets pulled through the the hinge area where it comes into the door. Then you'll need to tape a water line or something really securely to the wiring harness and water line that you pulled out and fish it through the new freezer door. Lube up the water line and wiring harness with Vaseline and pull on the the line that you fished through the freezer door until you pull it into the dispenser. It really is a pain, but that is how this is done.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thanks, XXXXX XXXXX was afraid of that. Should I remove the plastic fitting on the top and bottom of the door before trying this (obviously, sliding the fitting over the wire harness before pulling it through the door? I'm fairly good mechanically, but is this something better done by an expert or is it something a home do it yourselfer usually can do without damaging the wire harness?

You should be able to do it yourself. You can certainly try. Just be sure to tape the harness and water line to something that you're fishing through really well. You will be pulling on that fishing line type device (I actually use a spare 1/4" water line) rather hard to pull the stuff through, but if you tape it up well, no damage should happen. If you run into problems, you can always stop and just call someone out if needed.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

If I do damage the wire harness and end up having to call in a repair technician, will the refrigerator and freezer still work OK? Of course, I understand that the ice and water dispenser would not be functional.


That is correct, you wouldn't have any problems with the refrigerator itself.
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