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I need help fixing the problem with ice forming below the crisper.

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I need help fixing the problem with ice forming below the crisper. GE Profile French doors, bottom freezer.
Hello my name is XXXXX XXXXX you for choosing our service.

Is this ice thicker at the rear like its coming from the back somewhere?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Yes, it seems to be coming from the back of the frig.

Thanks David, give me a few minutes to look at the diagrams for your model. About 3.

David there is not an exact sheet that I have for your model but I think the one I have is close enough to get you there and the images will help a lot. There is a defrost drain that is clogged. I have linked a file below. Follow the instructions to get the rear inside panel out in the fresh food section, they should be close. The drain is arrowed red at the bottom of page 2 and behind that panel. If the drain is clogged it may be buried in ice. Remove that ice from under the coils behind that panel. Find something flexible to push down that drain and pour a little hot water in it. No bleach, bleach will corrode the aluminum. Do not follow the steps on page 2 just look where the red arrow is to show you where the drain is located.

The other end of the drain is around by the compressor. Look around the compressor for the water, if you see it your done, the water that drains there evaporates much faster than that area fills.


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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

My freezer doesn't look like that. There's no cap to take off or strip to remove. There is a large plastic plate covering the back that has several screws. Should I remove those screws?

There is a drain behind that wall that is clogged. You need to get behind that wall and unclog it. I offered pictures as examples only. I was clear about that.


There is a parts diagram, GE does not have a sheet like that one on their website. That is all they have available as far as images go. It is just below.



Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I'm not sure if my last message was sent, so I'm resending:


I have it all apart and the diagrams are close enough where it matches fairly well. But after taking it apart, the hole is not clogged with ice. It's completely free. I can see stain marks going down the back of the frig to below the crisper (bottom) which seems to indicate the water originates from there, but there must be another reason than the clogged hole. Do you have any other ideas?

Wow, I am sorry about that, was there a door left open sometime in the recent past that you saw David?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

No. This has been happening for months. So much ice was forming below the crisper that you couldn't pull it out unless you used a lot of force. Once I would get it out, I could clear out the ice on the bottom of the frig which would free everything up for about 3-5 days and then ice would be built up again and on and on. Clearly something is wrong, but I'm not sure where to go from here.

I have an idea. Try this, unplug the refrigerator and spray the coil over the draintrap with a spray bottle of water. Nothing but water. See if you can get it to run over or maybe drip over.

Also take a look at the back of that last cover, can you see water marks on that as well?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I do see the marks on the back of the cover. I did a little experiment to see what happens if water runs down the back (inside) of the cover.


There is Styrofoam around the metal plate that's supposed to steer the water toward the drain. But the Styrofoam seems to provide a mechanism to let the water run back along it and on down the rest of the panel which would bypass the drain.


I'm thinking that may be how the water misses the drain. If I cut a bit of the Styrofoam back so that the water will drip straight down off the metal plate to the drain instead of rolling back to the Styrofoam and around, that might work. Can you think of any reason why I shouldn't try that?

No there is not a reason, maybe you could make some kind of guide across that tray with some aluminum tape. Like an extra wide catch.

I am not aware of any recalls for that problem but I believe I would call GE about that first. To me that sounds like something was left off or maybe its a defect. It should not do that, drains clog that is different but it should never run off a part like that.

If you have any questions please ask.

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