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I have a Samsung Refrigerator, model RF266ABBP, and the freezer

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I have a Samsung Refrigerator, model RF266ABBP, and the freezer part stopped working.

Fridge part still feels at the correct temp.

I took the back panel off the freezer inside, and there was no ice build up. The temp on the fridge control reads anywhere from 0 to -12 and it just flashes, doesn't really change.

I tested the Ohms on the thermostat, and it was reading around 5k at room temp, and slowly going down as I breathed on it (moved down to about 4.5k). I get 55 Ohms out of the defrost heater. I get 0 Ohms out of the thermal fuse.

The fan is not turning on, but I get 22k Ohms out of the fan, and I tried the fan in the fridge, and it also gets 22k Ohms, the fridge fan was not spinning at the time I had the back off of the fridge part, I tried both fans in each section of the fridge and neither ever came on for the few minutes I watched them.

I get an error code for the freezer fan whether any of the 2 fans is plugged into the freezer port or not. That is the only error code I get.

Seems like my best bet is replacing the main board as everything else seems to be reading correctly as far as I can tell.
Hello,My name is XXXXX XXXXX be helping you today. I tend to agree with you one the control board be the issue.(the main control) when you were waiting for the fans to kick in while watching did you have the interior light buttons pushed in ? they have to be in for the fans to actuate, try that if not. heres a link to order the main control board. CONTROL this site lest you return it even if you installed it and it didn't fix the issue. So basically your safe . the part is $72.45, Main Control Board DA41-00413G     Main Product View
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I had the freezer one closed, but not the fridge. It would seem odd for both fans to go out, and also for the fridge section to stay frosty on the element, and the bottom element is barley cool to the touch.

Well that is a bit strange. usually though when these defrost the bottom will get warmer and take longer to recover because the heater is at the bottom and is the fan isn't running the top will frost more. I still think your on the right path, also the fans are run through both door switches so they shut off when either are open. your fans both ohm out correctly so it seem like a power issue to them.or at least the freezer one.
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

New motherboard installed.


The fan in the freezer now works, and the control panel for the freezer part no longer flashes -2 but actually reads the correct temperature.


Now the issue is it is just not getting very cold on the freezer side. I reset it at 9 AM this morning, and the freezer has gone from 65 degrees to 54 degrees. I have also tried the power freeze setting, increasing the fridge temp some, none of these are helping make it go any faster.


There was some ice build up on the tube that exits from the ceiling of the freezer, but it was only frozen about 3 inches, the coil was completely clean.

oh that's not good. the coil only has 3 inches of frost on the evaporator coils ?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Looks like the inlet pipe has maybe 6 inches of frost/solid ice, this morning only had maybe 3 inches, it goes past the bend now a few inches.


The fridge is still working flawlessly, i can bump it down to 34 degrees, or up to 46 no problem.


Does the coolant just flow in a one direction loop, or is there a valve that controls how much to the freezer and fridge?

the flow is one way and its not a good sign that this isn't frosting. It seems you have a Freon issue on top of the other problem with the board which actually could have been the cause of the board failure. if this started to have an issue before the board went but you probably wouldn't have noticed it until it was too late the refrigerator running constantly can blow the board. we definitely know the board was bad because now you can control it but the new issue is bigger and will need an HVAC tech to find that problem. you may be low on Freon or theres a blockage in the sealed system.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

If it's one tube through the whole system and it's either low, or blocked, i'm confused how the fridge works flawlessly. The freezer isn't even getting down to the fridge temps.

your right I'm sorry there are dual evaporators but still same thing because theres only one compressor. so its seems from what your telling me its still a sealed system problem. that can only be checked by a tech.