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Replaced the lid switch assembly on our Maytag LSE7806ACE washer

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Replaced the lid switch assembly on our Maytag LSE7806ACE washer because the fuse kept blowing. Did not fix problem. Checked and found 120V across the fuse holder (fuse removed) when the lid is in the down position. No voltage when lid is raised. Sounds like a dead short somewhere. Could the pressure switch cause this problem or something else? Thanks
Hello, and thank you for using this service. I'll be helping you with your problem today.

So there are only 2 things that would keep blowing the fuse---either the lid switch assembly or the motor. Disconnect the wires going to the motor and replace the fuse. If the fuse stops blowing while the motor is not connected to wires going to it, then that means that your motor definitely needs to be replaced.

Now I will also say that your water valve could also be shorting the fuse out if it only trips the fuse when it's filling. So if you wanted to be sure, you can turn it to spin and the unit would spin normally but as soon as you turn it to fill, it would blow the fuse when it should be filling with water.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thanks Tyler. What I can't understand is how 120V would ever be possible across the fuse holder. The motor has an overload. Wouldn't that trip if the motor was bad or trying to draw too much current?

Unfortunately not. That overload has nothing to do whether or not the motor is pulling too much power. The overload on the motor is actually a thermal cut out. If the motor begins to overheat for whatever reason (usually due to the bearing starting to go out) it will overheat and cut power to the windings inside the motor. But it doesn't trip from drawing too much power, that is what the fuse is for.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Makes sense. I'll try your idea about disconnecting the motor wires (there are several) and see if the fuse holds up. Will replace the motor if needed. Was hoping for something simple. Don't read that the motors go out on these things very often. Thanks

Not a problem at all. The motors don't go out often on this unit, most of the time it's the lid switch, but since you've already replaced it already---it doesn't leave a whole lot left.

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