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I have a GE Profile dryer model DPSE810EG5WT. I just had the

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I have a GE Profile dryer model DPSE810EG5WT. I just had the dryer vents cleaned and the company said the air flow was not high enough for the run of dryer vent hose to the outside. He said it must meet the NFPA codes and standards (the local building codes for Maryland, Anne Arundel County). There is not a schematic in the owners manual of what the venting should be. Our dryer is on the 2nd floor and has a run of about 35 or 40 feet. Before cleaning the air flow measured 3.2. After cleaning it measured 5.1. According to the technician it should have measured 8.0. We bought this dryer in 2008 and at that time I was not aware that dryers had different venting requirements depending on the length of the run for the hose. Can you give me the required run of hose for this model? It is not in the owners manual.

My other option is to call someone to take apart the dryer to see if lint is built up around the drum and if it is, after it is cleaned see if the air flow increases.

Thank you,
Hello, and thank you for using this service. I'll be helping you with your problem today.

So you are correct in that you should take the dryer apart to determine that the dryer is clean and not getting clogged inside. That being said, this dryer is designed to handle a vent hose length of 25 feet. Each 90º elbow counts at 5 feet. That being said, if you have a run that is longer, you will need to install what is called an "in-line blower". There is a pressure switch on this blower and it's mounted half way between the dryer and the exhaust. It will detect when the dryer is pushing air through the vent and will automatically come on to assist in pushing the air out the vent in runs that are longer than the dryer is intended for.

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Why did I not know that different dryers have different requirements for the vent hose length ? I have bought several dryers over the years and not one salesman has asked me the length of the vent hose. Are there dryers out there that will handle a 35 or 40 ft run?


Is installing an in-line blower expensive. Do you have an approximate cost?


Thank you

The only dryer that I know which handles 35-40 feet would be a Fisher Paykel dryer. They claim they can handle up to 45 feet, but in practice I have not seen that be the case.

It's not really something most people think about when buying a dryer. Most newer houses are designed in a way that the dryer vent doesn't exceed 20 ft so it's not a stat they put on the manuals anymore most of the time. Older homes, customer built homes and apartment complexes are usually the only homes that run into problems.

That being said, the actual in-line blower isn't that expensive at about $100-150 normally, but you will need to make sure there is an electrical outlet to plug it into. So having an electrician come out and creating an outlet as well as installing the blower wheel in the vent (depending on accessibility) can cost quite a bit more but it's definitely on a case by case basis given the exact conditions.

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