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I have a kitchenaid cooktop and oven I am getting and f2e1

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I have a kitchenaid cooktop and oven I am getting and f2e1 error. I have replace both the touch pad and control boards and I am still getting the error. Model Number is XXXXX

Parts replaced were(NNN) NNN-NNNNreplacement part number was w10181439


Hello,My name is XXXXX XXXXX be helping you today. when you replaced the clock and the touchpad did the touchpad or the clock come with a new ribbon that goes between the clock and touchpad ?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.


No it did not

okay well that's the issue obviously , the touch pad and control have been replaced so unless one of them was bad it has to be the ribbon between them. according to your error code that is. The funny thing (or not so funny) is I don't see that sold anywhere. where did you buy your parts ?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I have been thru this with the sellers of the parts also. there are 4 cables under the harrness and the are not Illustrated in any of the parts diagrams. I'll take the ribbion part in and see if they have it.

Thanks Terry

Yes Terry that's probably the best thing to do. if all the boards and keypad have been replaced there has to be a bad wire in one of the cables. I have researched and researched and everything points to one of the things you already changed so we are down to a cable. most likely the one from the keypad to the control. (clock) I don't know of anything else it could be. try taking some HQ contact cleaner and spraying the cable connectors real good too. you can get that at radio shack. try cleaning them good.
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