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Hotpoint HSS251FMD
Heavy frost on ice maker. Ice forming on floor area of freezer section. Minor drip of water through door at ice dispenser. Any ideas on what might be wrong?
Hello..It is my Pleasure To Be Working With You Today...Sorry you are having this problem..From what you are explaining..Your problem is classic of the flapper door in the doors dispenser malfunctioning..Most common is the door is not closing..Which allows warm air into the freezer section which in turn creates frost..Due to the fact the warm air meeting the cold..Open the freezer door ..Activate the flapper door by pressing the ice option..You will notice the door does not close completely.
Jim..The flapper door may also be worn to where it is not sealing off the ice chute completely..The fix is to replace the door kit..Also please remember to rat my answer to you at "OK" or better before leaving the website today so that i may be credited through the system..If you do have any further questions i will be standing by..Thank You Bob
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