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Tyler Z.
Tyler Z., Appliance Doc
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Hey, Appliance Doc, I need you or someone who has experience

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Hey, Appliance Doc, I need you or someone who has experience with Dacor warming ovens.
Hello again there friend.

So the rails have been re-designed on this model to help pull the drawer shut better, but honestly I've replaced them and only had maybe a 75% success ration on the drawer pulling tighter since the old drawers don't pull at all. Either way the part number for the right drawer slide is 72207 and the part number for the left drawer slide is 72737 .

Now as for the buzzing, that would either come from the cooling fan, or possibly the timer device. The cooling fan does stay on even after the unit shuts off until the interior has cool down enough that it's safe to shut the cooling fan off. If you need the new cooling fan, you'd want to replace part number 82276. The timer itself wouldn't be worth replacing unless you could confirm where the noise was coming from I would think. Either way, the timer number is XXXXX

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Appliance Doc, following up on that, this noise business is just an annoyance to the customer. He wants me to disconnect it. Looks like most of the stuff is in the top behind the timer and temp selector knob. Is there a way to disconnect the fan you mentioned without screwing up the circuitry that runs the heating element? But I've never worked on one of these, so you think I should get involved with disconnecting the fan?

you definitely can not just disconnect the noise issue. The cooling fan and timer are necessities. The fan itself is easy to disconnect, but it needs to cool or the cabinets can catch on fire.

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