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I have a Sub Zero 700. single door on top and 2 refrigerator

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I have a Sub Zero 700. single door on top and 2 refrigerator drawers on the bottom. The bottom shelf of the top portion of the fridge is collection water. It pools up under the glass shelf. Is there a remedy for that? We live in a rural area and it can take up to a month to get the repair tech out here

Thank you for using Just Answer. I will be glad to assist you in your answer. Think about safety when doing repairs, electric, water, gas, ect.


Is this just water droplets on the bottom side of the glass shelf, or you are getting a good amount of water beneath the glass shelf?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

a good amount of water under the glass shelf. It is visible in the front but if I lift the shelf up to soak it up it goes all the way back. It is clear water and sometimes it soaks 3-5 paper towels


We have also noticed that the seal on the door has gotten tighter and we need to wait longer to open the door.


I will out on a job for a bit this AM hopefully you will have an answer when I return.

I do not have a good diagram of this unit. I believe if you remove the shelves, you will see that the water is coming from behind he rear panel of the top portion. This panel overs the cooling coil. Under this cooling coil should be a drain pan that collects the water during a defrost cycle. The pan need to be thawed with hot water until the water flows down the drain. When this happens, stop the hot water, and reassemble. This is a normal thing that happens on all model refrigerators. If this information has assisted you please give me a great rating. If not, please respond back for more information, and what you see different than what I described....thank you
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

this was definitely a help. However, you might find this helpful: when I got the back panel off I found the the channel for the drips from the cooling fins was not so much frozen as had some lint in it it. I assumed that that was the reason it was not draining well. I cleaned all of that up and using instructions from another website I poured some bleach into the hole. It still did not drain well. I then used a turkey baster to suck up anything that it could reach from the hole. This helped a little more, it still did not drain very well. So then I went and got my shop vac and tried that trying to extract anything that might still be clogging it within reach. Not much improvement. Then I rigged up the end of the turkey baster to the shop vac hose and tried to blow air into the drain hole. After all that I took the bottom drawer out and cleaned the fins and grill but I could not find where the drips should be once they have reached the bottom.


So all in all I have a VERY clean fridge but I am not sure that the problem is solved and probably won't know for a couple of days.


If you can research it a bit more and find out how to really clear the hose or whatever is in the back to transport the drips to their final destination I would appreciate it. I also found a video on line that showed someone snaking out the a hose but as I said I could not locate that.

The drain goes down into another drain pan under the fridge, behind the toe grill. You cannot get to the drain to do anything from there really. What you did is about the best that I have ever been able to do. What I suggested is the normal, easy way to do it. You went to the extreme, but sometimes it is If you are able to get water to go down the drain, then is should be clear. Great job. Thanks again.
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