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Have a Samsung Washer Model WF337AAG/XAA with VRT. It was on

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Have a Samsung Washer Model WF337AAG/XAA with VRT. It was on high speed spin then rumbled to a stop quickly. Smoked when I opened it, and smelled and looked like grey/burnt rubber particles on the window inside. I also think the drum is bent because when I rotate it, the gap on the front gasket changes (so does resistance to turning depending on the position).

Worth fixing? It's about 8 yrs old. How much for parts vs labor. I could do this myself and have a full shop, but nothing like having a new washer too.

Hello, and thank you for using this service. I'll be helping you with your problem today.

So unfortunately this is quite a major issue you have with your washer. You'd really need to take the entire washer apart and pull the tub assembly out of the cabinet. Then you'd need to remove all the bolts around the center seam of the outer plastic tub to split the tub. The goal is to remove the inner stainless steel tub so that you can see if one of the arms on the back of the inner stainless steel tub has broken. If so, then you'll need a newer inner stainless steel tub which is about $300 just for the part. The other option is that the bearing built into the rear outer tub has failed. That would require replacing the entire rear outer tub as well as the inner stainless steel tub because the inner tub has the shaft that goes through the bearing built onto it. This would likely not be worth fixing if you have a bad bearing.

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Oh man. And my neighbor just paid $300 for a new computer in his (exact same model). So maybe I should salvage some spare parts then junk it? Any ideas what I should maybe keep because this does not rotate very well and has some slight rattling, so could be the bearing. From the "blast" it made then the rumble, it sounds major.


Are they still available in the same color and stuff do you know?




Aye, if it won't turn smoothly, that's going to be a major issue. It's hard to know what is worth salvaging, but the main control board, the drain pump, the water valve, and the motor are usually things you could sell on Ebay or something like that if you wanted to try and salvage some parts.

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