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I have a LG ELECTRONIC cloth washer MODEL

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I have a LG ELECTRONIC cloth washer MODEL: WM2432HW SERIAL NO: 302KW00152 Right at the beginning of a washing cycle after release of the first quantity of water, the warning "LE" - "Over load in motor" came on!!! There was no noise nor any other indications that there was a problem. To be noted that the cloth load was quite small for a washing machine of that size. Roch XXXXX

This code is most always related to a failed hall sensor which detects the motion. The part is easily replaced with basic tools as it just snaps onto the motor at the back of the tub.

I have no idea of your ability, but the hall sensor can be bought from anyone that sells LG parts.

I am an LG servicer and this is quite a common, but easily fixed problem.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I am sorry but I have a problem sending you the rating since when I choose the face with a smile (the fourth one), my computer sends me a message that there is a communication problem and you do not receive my evaluation. Already, I have tried four times!!!!! Yes, I want you to keep the $30.00 as I am more than satisfied!!! - Roch XXXXXXXX



Thanks for trying. Perhaps JA is having a technical issue, so you can try again tomorrow as I certainly appreciate your willingness and satisfaction.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I just found out from my cleaning lady that she did noticed identical problems on two consecutive occasions just prior to my return home. Right after the water emission at the beginning of the washing cycle, she heard a "growling" noise as the Drum was painfully trying to turn and finally the noise stopped and the drum did turn although it was giving the impression that it was out of balance (not by the cloth load which was rather on the light side) with a higher noise level. The drum noise was definitely more pronounced during the "rinse and spin" cycle and the drum appeared to be out of balance. If you do need more details, I cannot tell you more at this stage since what I did report on my yesterday request to "MRANSWER" did happened right after the two consecutive incidents reported by my cleaning lady. If the decision of your TECHNICAL TEAM is to suspend the reply until the return of the person that did initially answer to me yesterday, it is OK with me providing that you do advise me.

Kindest regards,



Optional Information:
Type of Appliance: Washer
Model Number: WM2432HW
What have you tried so far?: yESTERDAY, since the Drum would not even start rotating, I did drain the water and removed the cloth contain out of the machine and stopped the machine. End of the story. In your reply, do note that I do have to mention that my mechanical knowledge versus washing machines is more than limited. Obviously, I will require a technician for the execution of the necessary service. Do you have an approximation of the eventual cost?

If the drum does not spin smoothly by hand and has some play when you try to move it up and down and from side to side then the unit has bad drum bearings. The whole drum assembly does move of course as it is suspended by springs, but the tub should not be able to move independently of it when pushed around as described. Replacing the tub bearings is generally not worth the repair cost.
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Dear Sir,


Thank you so very much for the quality of your reply!!! I could not expect something clearer and more instructive!!! Now I know what I have to do, will proceed to the necessary control; however, taking into account my limited knowledge of cloth washing machines, I might decide to contact a LG qualified service center to confirm the exact entity of the problem and the most economical and convenient approach.


Since you had to reply to me in two different times, I must refund you a second time the sum of $30.00 Please just send me the necessary e-mail link so that I can pay you via my "PayPal" account.


Once more, thank you very much.




There is no need for another payment here, just accept the answer as satisfactory if you are indeed satisfied.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Dear Sir,


Every time I do try to Rate to Finish, even if I use the highest marks (Excellent Service) or any other, as soon as I press "SUBMIT", I then receive a message written in "red"and I quote: "An error occurred when trying to save your rating"How I can overcome this, I do ignore it and that it is why I previously asked you to send me a charge of $30.00 so that I can open my "PayPal" account and pay the requested sum. Can you help me so that I can close this affair???




Roch xxxxx,


I will contact JA customer service and have them look at the issue. I cannot have you pay me directly as that is against the rules unfortunately.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Good evening Mr. MRanswer,

Please, do control your account as I just have paid $30.00 to JustAnswer via my "PayPal" account.


Please, do control and confirm to me that everything is now OK.


Yes, I had to fool your system in order to be able to pay the money I needed to pay you.


My best regards XXXXX XXXXX more, thank you.


Roch xxxx


The accept and the payment have come thru. Thanks for your persistence.