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My Quiet Series 300 will not drain. There is brackish, yellowish

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My Quiet Series 300 will not drain. There is brackish, yellowish water standing in the bottom just short of overflowing.

When turned on it sounds like something is 'running, but nothing is happening - the detergent compartment doesn't even open. When pushing the 'Start' button lights on the control panel come on but no sound or activity follows. When pushing the 'Start' button again the lights go off but a sound is produced that sounds like a dry run of some sort -- no actual difference-making activity is occurring and the water remains. A third engagement of the 'Start' button then stops the sound and returns us to the place whence we began.

Seems like an obstruction of some sort, but I am not sure and do not know how to access any screen or drainage area.

A little help, please.

Hello, and thank you for using this service. I'll be helping you with your problem today.

Do you have a full model number so that I can better assist you? The model will start with an "M" for Maytag and is located on a sticker around the frame of the tub. I can be seen if you open the door.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.


OK perfect. So It sounds like your problem is just that the dishwasher isn't draining. When you press start the first time, the dishwasher would normally fill, but it won't do that since it's full of water. Pressing start a second time cancels the cycle and the unit goes through a 2 minute drain sequence. Pressing the start button once again shuts everything off.

Now did you replace your garbage disposal recently?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.



Last week

OK so it sounds like you forgot to remove the knock-out plug on the disposal. Disposals don't come ready for a dishwasher to connect to them because not everyone has a dishwasher or connects the dishwasher to the disposal. You need to disconnect the drain line from the disposal and unplug the disposal. Stick a flat head screwdriver into the receptacle of the disposal that your dishwasher drain hose was connected to. You'll feel a plastic wall that won't let you push the screwdriver into the disposal cavity. You need to use a hammer and hit the back of the screwdriver to push that plastic wall into the disposal. Then reach into the disposal through the top and remove the knock-out plug that you just punched out. From that point you can reconnect the drain hose and plug the disposal back in and you should be good to go again.

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