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I have a frigidaire model # XXXXX washer. I changed water

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I have a frigidaire model # XXXXX washer. I changed water hoses when I moved the machine over a couple of feet. They are now 6' long in stead of the 4' versions I was using before because the 4' versions were a few inches too short. Now the machine doesn't work, giving me an error 10, which I understand is an error indicating that it can't get any water. I removed the hoses, took out the antiflood plastic thingie and made sure they ran freely, but the machine still complains it cannot get any water. How do I fix this problem?
Hello, and thank you for using this service. I'll be helping you with your problem today.

So the problem is that you're using anti flood safe hoses. This washer pulls in too much water too quickly and will strip the flood safe feature. I'm not sure that you've actually removed the floodsafe part properly. Either way, error 10 does mean that water is not getting to the washer. So if water flows through the hoses freely, you need to change out the hoses to standard rubber hoses. use your older hoses if you have any. Then if it works, you know you just need to change to standard hoses.

The other option is that gunk may have flushed through the pipes from you turning them on and off. So clean the screws on the receptacles where the fill hoses connect to the back of the washer if they look clogged. If they are clean, the electronic water valve on the washer itself would need to be ordered and replaced.

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I was using the same type hose before. The only difference is the extra two foot length. If anything, the water passes through the hoses faster now. The faucets are fairly new and the water flows freely through them and through the hoses. The electronic water valve on the washer was working fine before I switched the hoses and moved it over a couple of feet. The intake valves look clean. The screens are not clogged. The only thing I can think of is perhaps I turned on the water too fast. Do the electronic intake valves have a protection mode where they lock up if the water hits it too fast? If so, how do you reset it?

The electronic valves do NOT have a mode where they lock up---the fill hoses have a feature that causes them to lock up when the water comes through too quickly all of the sudden. That's why you can't use flood safe hoses. You could have used a different brand that wasn't as sensitive before. Either way, either the valve is bad or the hoses are the wrong hoses. I suggest changing out the hoses to determine which one is bad.

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