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I have a LG WM2487HWM washing machine that has been making

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I have a LG WM2487HWM washing machine that has been making a loud noise that sounds like a train during the spin cycle. Recently, the noise has been replaced by the sound of a tennis ball bouncing during the spin cycle. This morning we received the LE error code. I'm pretty handy and am wondering if this is something I can fix or if the fix is just as expensive as buying a new unit. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
Hello, and thank you for using this service. I'll be helping you with your problem today.

So unfortunately you have quite a major problem and I just wanted to start by saying it will likely be better to replace the washer than repair it. LE means that your washer control thinks that the motor is struggling to turn the tub. Now generally this is a false error and isn't the case at all, but for you--you definitely have a problem with the tub not turning properly. That loud roaring noise is the main tub bearing going out. It's creating too much friction and eventually will start leaking if it hasn't already. The entire inner stainless steel basket and the rear outer tub would need to be replaced to fix this issue and it's a $500-600 repair at the very least.

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Darn. I was hoping to get better news. We have the LG DLE7177WM dryer stacked on top. Do most people replace both the dryer and washer at the same time? Can you advise as to the best replacement strategy?

LG makes the same dryer stack system so you should still be able to set the dryer on top of a new washer, but I'd talk to a sales rep first to confirm. But if you had to replace both, it might honestly be worth repairing in this instance.

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