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For a gas stove in a home I am selling, an inspector detected

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For a gas stove in a home I am selling, an inspector detected a slight carbon monoxide leak and the stove's temperature reached 180 outside the oven door. He thinks the seal needs replacing. His detector was hand held at the door level. The burners are fine. Also, he said the stove needs to be vented outside and that the microwave was too close to the stove's top at 17.5 inches.

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The home inspector is off his rocker,, I have never seen a home stove vented to the outside. As for the microwave, the recommended height is 18 inches or more, but not mandatory.. as for the carbon monoxide, he could have had a slight reading at the oven door, the 180 degree reading does tell me that the door gasket should be replaced... Is there anything else you would like to know.????



Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I think you have covered it. Even my online research confirmed what you have said. Is it difficult to replace the seal?


No they are easy to replace, normally about 20 to 60 minutes depending how they are installed...

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