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I have a KSRG25FKSS01 refrigerator. Recently I the refrigerator

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I have a KSRG25FKSS01 refrigerator. Recently I the refrigerator door was left slightly ajar for about 10 hours and there appeared to be moisture build-up in the freezer side and of course the refrigerator side was a bit warm. Removing the obstruction allowed the freezer and refrigerator temperature to return to normal. However around this time, the ice maker has stopped working. Meaning the ice maker doesn't seem to fill with water anymore. I can sometimes catch it where the ice ejection fingers are moving some so that seems to be working to some degree, just don't get any water. Removed all freezer content and let it sit for about 4 hours today thinking something may be frozen, no help. I replaced the rear valve assembly and now I get strong water flow to the front door (had been a problem when the ice maker was working ok) but the ice maker still fails to fill with water. I have disconnected the water line in the back running to the rear/top of the refrigerator going to the ice maker and can blow through it and the black rubber section at the ice maker is soft, ie. do not believe I have any frozen lines.
I can sometimes hear a click and buzz like a solenoid is trying to open but no water at the ice maker. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Hello..It is my Pleasure To Be Working With You Today...Sorry this has happened to you..If you are positive that the icemaker tray is completely thawed..Ejectors are able to rotate thru the tray with out catching up..You have checked all waterlines Etc...Then most likely the ice maker is at fault..First with the door open..And the beam across the ice tray not broken..Hold the small flapper down on the inside freezer wall..The red light should stay solid..If not..Replace the emitter boards..If it does stay solid more than likely your problem is within the icemaker..Remove the ice maker..Then remove the Plastic white cover to the Module..(cover is on the left side of ice maker as you are facing the icemaker itself..You will see a white gear..Look directly into the middle of the gear..There will be two small tab's which hold the gear on..If one is twisted or broken..Then your problem is the icemaker..Also rating my Answer to you at "OK : or better would be well appreciated so that i may be credited through the system..Post back ..With your findings..Thanks Bob

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi Bob.
Thanks for your prompt reply. Also noted that the air coming into the freezer section was not that cold. Decided to take a break and left the refrigerator plugged in. After awhile checked the freezer section and the cold air seemed to start getting colder. Then all of a sudden heard the water click on and the icemaker filled normally. Am on about my 4 batch of ice being made and have my fingers crossed. At this time it seems to be working.

Great.!!!!....Yes the ice maker will not make ice until the inside temperature has been been reached..In all actuality the ice maker normally will not cycle until this happens..I recall you did mention that the ice maker was cycling..So just keep a eye on it..See what happens..At least now you know exactly what to look for....Glad you are back up and running..Also please remember to rate my answer at "OK" or better before leaving today So that i may be credited through the system..Thanks Bob
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