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I have a dishwasher that is not fully draining, where do I

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I have a dishwasher that is not fully draining, where do I start to diagnose and remedy?

Appl-Tech :

Hello, thanks for letting us answer your questions. We appreciate your business!
May I have the model number of your machine, please?

Appl-Tech :

I see you are offline, so I am going to switch to Q&A format. Please supply me the model of your DW so I can see what machine you have and I can look up the service info. The model number os on a label on the side of the door frame.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Model DU920PFGQU

Serial FH3509546


OK, I see what you have now.
This is a Whirlpool DW labeled for Maytag.
The first thing you need to do is find the end of the drain line and see if it terminates at a siphon gap dome located on the top of the sink. If you have such a device, remove the cap and then pull the inner cover off and see if it is clogged up for debris. It looks like this

Next if the siphon gap is clean you need to get under the sink and disconnect the hose attached to the pipe and then get a bucket and see if the water drains normally into the bucket. If the water is drains slowly into the bucket, the next step is to remove the bottom panel on the dishwasher and remove the hose attached to the pump check valve on the right side of the motor. It looks like this

You will get water coming out of the hose if there is water in the dishwasher, so soak or vacuum out as much water as possible before you remove the hose.
Once you get it the hose off, unscrew the pictured device and look for a clog.
If you do all these things, and it still will not pump out, then the drain hose most likely has something in it and you will have to pull the dishwasher and remove the hose and run a sewer cleaner rod down the tube.
Hopefully you will find the problem.
If not come back and tell me what you found.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I'll look into it in the AM. So far good new, I was hoping that this issue was likely all about an obstruction, and not mechanical.


That sounds like it's the case.

It probably is just an obstruction, but you have to go thru the steps to determine where.
We are just working backwards from the sink drain to the pump.
I don't think it is a pump issue because you said it does drain, just slowly.
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