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Bosch Axxis 2060 front load washer door is locked and will

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Bosch Axxis 2060 front load washer door is locked and will not unlock. I drained the machine manually and tried unplugging it for 3 minutes to reset, but door stays locked. Trying to figure out how to manually unlock it (there is no release cord in the bottom left).

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On that unit you need to remove the top cover of the washer. There are a couple torx screws on the back edge of the unit. The top will slide back a little then lift off. Once off locate the door latch on the right side of the machine. There is a release lever on the latch. Just feel on the bottom side you should be able to find it and move it to release the latch. Now either the latch is bad or the pump is not pumping out the water. If the pump has gone bad the latch will not open so make sure the unit is pumping out all the water if it is not you need to replace the pump or clean it out.



Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Will try that tomorrow morning. Just in case though, how would i go about cleaning out the pump? There's a grayish plastic tube that comes out of the back of the unit that seems to be where some of the excess water drains from, I tried blowing into that and it seems to be clogged. Is that part of the pump / is there a way to clean that out? Thanks, Robert.

You should remove the round cover on the front. Then remove the filter cover and check if anything is in the not worry about the drain hose itself
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

The door locking mechanism on my machine seems to be electronic. I've attached an image so that maybe you could give me some guidance on how to get it open. Thanks again, Robert.

Feel on the bottom edge of it for a lever
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
The door latch mechanism on my washer isn't the same as the one you sent me a picture of. Here's a link for the part I have which doesn't appear to have a manual release latch. Guess I'm going to have to call someone to come in and look at it?
If you see that slot on the back side of the latch you can get a small flat screwdriver in there to catch the latch sldie and slide it back to the outside edge and it should unlatch. I have not seen that style latch yet. Crummy design for sure.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

So I had a repair person come by my apt today to take a look at the issue. Turns out there is no release latch, he had to break the latch / door handle and then repair them. Figured if give you the info in case someone else encounters the same problem. Is it possible to adjust the price for the response? I'm definitely not going to rate you negatively as your service was very good, but unfortunately the answered pertained to another machine. The repair man charged me $125 just to diagnose the problem. I figure $25 is fair for you? Please let me know. Thanks.

Thanks for the info, I only get a portion of your deposit only if you rate me OK or Higher. Just let customer service know what amount you would or would not want me to recieve. Thanks
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