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My kitchen aid KSSC42FTS is 8 mos old and the temp readingmon

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My kitchen aid KSSC42FTS is 8 mos old and the temp readingmon the readouts inside swingnwildly. The fridge side varies from 37 to 54 degrees, and the freezer from 0 to -10. It seems that when the fridge temp goes up( after storing groceries) the freezer temp drops

Appl-Tech :

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Your refrigerator is controlled by a computer relay board located up in the top of the

Appl-Tech :


Appl-Tech :

This has been a common problem with this model and I believe that Whirlpool has a fix for it.

Appl-Tech :

You will have to replace the control box to affect the repair on your unit

Customer: Thats great except its not not a whirpool product
Appl-Tech :

kitchenaid is made by whirlpool

Appl-Tech :

KA is just the higher end of the whirlpool refrigerator line

Customer: Gotcha... Thanx
Appl-Tech :

are you aware that your machine would be covered under the factory warranty for this problem?

Appl-Tech :

The part you need is quite expensive

Appl-Tech :

Currently the part is not available from my online suppliers

Customer: Im assuming that. I live outside the U.S. So it will be impossible for them to verify the problem.
Appl-Tech :

where is the machine?

Customer: Mexico
Appl-Tech :

they are a world wide company, and I would think that you could get warranty service in Mexico

Appl-Tech :

Customer: I'll need to verify. I purchased the unit in the states and had it shipped here. Some companies wont honro warranties unless the product was purchased here.
Appl-Tech :

click on link

Appl-Tech :

You will be contacting WP directly. They will ask you for the serial number that will tell them how old it is.

Customer: No link showing yet
Appl-Tech :

you will be covered if it is under 1 yr

Appl-Tech :

just gave it to you above

Customer: Great....thanx much
Appl-Tech :

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Hi Mitch,
I thought I would follow up on how your fridge is doing. Were you able to get it

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

The local tech from KA will be came to take a look. Zero help. What I'd like to do is get a description/part # to order part in US and have it sent to me.

The part number is W10219462
I would just google the part number "whirlpool W10219462" and see if you can get it locally. Otherwise you will have to call the distrubutors and ask if they ship internationally. Many do, but I still try to work with Whirlpool on the warranty, it should be covered at no charge.