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Rick, Repair Guy
Category: Appliance
Satisfied Customers: 686
Experience:  25 years service experience as a technician. Experienced on both high end and regular appliances.
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I have a frigidaire electric range 2009 the cooktop is not

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I have a frigidaire electric range 2009 the cooktop is not working the top has warming plate, it also say power plus boil and space wise. The manual does not tell me what model it is. The oven tries to work but it heats up very slow.
Any thought?
The clock, lights and fan works.

repairguy :

Hello,my name is Rick

repairguy :

I will assist you tonight

repairguy :

It sounds as though you may not be getting all the power the unit needs

repairguy :

I would like you to reset the breaker

repairguy :

I also need to know if you have a meter to check voltage?\

repairguy :

Once you reset the power, if the unit still will not heat normally, we need to check the power connection to the unit, all you need to do is remove the cover where the power cord is attached.

Customer: I do not have a meter in have reset the breaker twice still the same
repairguy :

Pull the unit from where it is setting and check the power cord please

repairguy :

you are looking to make sure all your connectors are not burnt

Customer: Give me a few minutes
repairguy :

take your time

Customer: Pulled the stove out unplugged then plugged back in the PF lights came on turned on oven top so flicker of sparks in the back of the stove the stove top did come on but I shut it off. What next
repairguy :

Where did you see the sparks

Customer: Back of the stove it looks like where the power cord comes in
repairguy :

there should be a access panel to remove so you can see where the power cord connects to the unit, open panel and tell me if you see any loose connections.

repairguy :

Of course unplug it first

Customer: Ok give me a few
repairguy :

no problem

Customer: I see the problem none of the wires were screwed down tight to stove the connectors are hanging lose I will have to replace the connector an rewire. I'm lucky my cabin did not burn down
repairguy :

Im glad we were able to locate the issue for you. Please remember to rate my answers before you leave.

Customer: Ok thanks
repairguy :

Have a good weekend. Enjoy the cabinet.

repairguy :


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