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I have a Maytag range/oven Serial #: R01179441 (R01119441?),

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I have a Maytag range/oven Serial #: R01179441 (R01119441?), Model # XXXXX

It has always worked perfectly but now when I push the BAKE button it no longer defaults to 350 degrees but 170 instead. When I try to adjust the temp higher, it will only go to 250 but not above. And it dings 3 times. The broiler used to default to 500 degrees but now only will go to 170. From what I can tell, the manual does not address this situation. Help, please.

Lynn Harrigan
XXX-XXX-XXXX [email protected]

Hello..It is my Pleasure To Be Working With You Today...Sorry you are having this problem Lynn..From what you are describing either the ovens sensor is faulty or the computer itself..First thing to do would be to have the oven sensor tested..CLICK HERE FOR PART If the sensor is ok then you will unfortunately have to replace the ovens Clock/Computer..

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Is this something I can do myself or do I have to call a repair person?

Not sure of your mechanical abilities..What you can do is just go ahead and replace the sensor..See what happens..A small investment compared to a new Computer...If you open the oven door you will see the sensor in the upper left hand corner...Unplug the unit..Remove the two screws securing the sensor to the back inside wall..Carefully pull the wire harness towards you..There will be a plastic connector which basically unplugs..Unplug the existing then plug in the new..If the wire harness does not pull out toward the inside of the oven..Then you will need to go around back..Remove the back outside cover..Then disconnect the sensor..Just remember to unplug the unit beforehand..(Don't ask me how i know..;)...)...Also please remember to rate my answer to you at "OK" or better before leaving today so that i may be credited through the system..If you have any further questions i will be standing by..Thanks Bob
Customer: replied 4 years ago.


I'll contact a repair person.



You are very welcome..At least you have a much better understanding as to where the problem may be...Have a great evening..Bob
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