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I have a GE washing machine, model # XXXXX when washing

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I have a GE washing machine, model # XXXXX when washing everything works as it should, but when it sits for a few days and not running, it will leak a puddle of water on the floor, not all the time, sometimes it will go for weeks with out leaking. The sears repairman came out twice so far and cannot find the leak. Any ideas ?

Hello..It is my Pleasure To Be Working With You Today...Sorry you are having this problem...Since the problem you are describing is intermittent..The best thing to do is remove the front panel..You can do this by taking a putty knife..Press in on the tabs # XXXXX on each side..Pull the panel towards you and off..Run the washer a few times..Take a flashlight and locate the leak at under the tub..or at the Water valves inside the cabinet..Also look closely at the over flow tub, located on the left side of the tub running downward..Most common point of leaking on this unit is the tub bearing..Which is up under the tub where the transmission shaft enters the tub..Look for water droplets on the top of the transmission itself...CLICK HERE FOR PARTS DIAGRAM

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Ok, I will check all those places Thank there a instructional video on how to change the tub bearing if needed?


Thank you

Unfortunately no video available GE pretty much keeps the instructional material within..If it is leaking at the tub bearing..You would be much better off replacing the complete washer...Thanks Bob
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