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gh7208xrs-2 Whirlpool

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microwave acts like there is no power to it, but plug is live no fan, screen light etc.



Thanks for your question. Please remember to rate my assistance when we're done. Please talk with me first before rating negatively.

On nearly every microwave there is an internal fuse that could very well be blown on the unit. If you have the knowledge and are capable of taking apart the unit just remove the outer shroud and follow the main power wires right to the fuse. Normally it is just a bus style peg fuse. Note microwaves do store high voltage so you should discharge the capacitor in the unit when you get it opened.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I suspected the fuse, but it is an installed wall unit above the stove with a fan exhaust for the stove. on this particular unit, where is the fuse and does the unit have to be removed from the wall. I assume that it also sits on a back bracket with two screws on the fron edge. I have looked for diagrams on line to find the where the fuse is located and unable to do so. Thanks david.

If you remove the top grille (3 or 2 screws on the top edge). Then you will see 1 screw above the control console. Remove that and lift straight up on the console. The control panel should lift up and hinge down exposing the inside of the unit. You should see the fuse in there on a fuse block.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Sorry but your instructions are not sufficiently detailed. On top of the unit there are three grease screens . The only one screw is to a lamp. I tried to remove the cover but it will not come out. If your instructions are to remove the door panel there are more than three screws and before I do that I want to be sure that is where your are referring me to. if there is a diagram as to where this fuse is it it will help greatly.


Please note that I work during the day and take care of my granddaughter during the evenings so I have to do this at night, so I appreciate you patience. I have replaced fuses on many items, but this one is tough because I have no idea where it is exactly so you assistance is appreciated. We will find it sooner or later. Thanks David

Do you have the complete model number off the tag on the unit?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Gh7208xrs-s Serial trw2511943 Year June 2008

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I have not heard back for several days. I gave the model, serial and year several days ago. Can you tell me where the fuse is exactly and how do I access it? your instructions did not appear to apply to the model I gave you.

I am sorry there has been issue with the site server. I just got your message. On your model you need to dismount the unit from the cabinet and then remove the outer shroud off the unit. The fuse is on the right side of the unit and it is part #20 and 21 at this link.

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