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Miele Dishwasher Model G2832, displayed an "AUTOMATICK DOOR

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Miele Dishwasher Model G2832, displayed an "AUTOMATICK DOOR OPENING FAULT". Called tech service and was advised to try circuit breaker off (30 sec), then on again. Problem cleared and we washed a load of dishes; but at the end of the cycle, the Fault message re-appeared. Tried the off/on trick a number of times but no good results. Unit now displays only the time, and the door rod is fully extended. Pushing the On icon simply blanks the screen, then eventually the TIME display appears again. Can't locate a local authorized repair service. I'm handy with tools, but worried about damaging the unit. Advice, please.
Thank you!
Don Ukkestad
Cambria, CA 93428

Jon :


Jon :

My name is XXXXX XXXXX I am an authorized Miele service technician and I can help you today.

Jon :

the dishwasher fault you are getting is for the door lock and the computer. and if the reset helped at first but now is not working please look at the door lock and latch and if the hook is in the open position then you need to remove the screws to the interior door panel and remove the latch and lock assembly.

Jon :

then adjust the lock properly so that it will accept the door closing and lock correctly. then reset the door panel and close the machine back up and try another cycle.

Jon :

if the dishwasher runs correctly then you are good to go.

Jon :

if it still gives you the error then the main control will need to be replaced.

Jon :

To order parts and have them sent directly to you please either call or go to and order the door lock or main control.

Jon :

if you would like to call them, sometimes I find it easier to call and speak to someone directly, then call 1-800-999-1360. And ask for the parts department and tell them you either need the main controller for your model dishwasher or the door lock assembly.

Jon :

If you need more help here please come back to me and I will help you more.

Jon :

If you feel that I have helped to answer your questions please remember to positively rate my performance with ok service or better rating below this chat. And if you still have more questions come back to me here at any time and I will help you more for no additional charge.

Jon :


Jon and other Appliance Specialists are ready to help you

Thank you for the positive rating it is greatly appreciated. Should you have more questions about this machine please feel free to come back to me here at any time and I will help you more for no additional charge.

Thanks again.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Jon. Tried to relate your answer to my dishwasher and I don't think we're talking apples and apples. My Miele G2832 has an automatic door OPENER (opens the door about 4" at the end of the cycle). Your answer seems to relate to the standard door latch version and doesn't help with my problem. I've got a 4" latching 'tongue' sticking out of the unit and it seems to be jammed there. I can take off the inside door, but that in no way provides access to this latching arm. Please edit your previous advice to cover my automatic door opener model.




I am aware if the model you have. I have worked on it several times.

The door lock that is on the door is not receiving the latch. Is that not what you said earlier?

In your model machine the automatic latch and lock assembly will not work correctly if the door lock portion in the door is set out to the closed position if the door is opened. If this is the case please do as I said a I've and reset the door lock.

If that is not what is happening and the automatic portion of the lock is not pushing the door open the few in he's it used to then you have to make sure there is power to the door latch assembly.

If you have power to the latch but yet it will not open or function properly then you need to replace it. If there is no power to the latch / lock assembly then you have a shorted control and that needs to be replaced.

Please get back to me here if you have more questions and or concerns and I will help you more for no additional charge.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Jon, no, I didn't say anything about the door not receiving the latch. The latch in the door seems to work fine mechanically and engages/disengages the control arm with no problem. But the control arm doesn't move; it just sticks out about 4 inches whether or not the door is latched to the control arm.


Regarding your power-to-the-door-latch-assembly comment, what does that mean? How can I tell? There is power connected to the dishwashwer, as evidenced by the TIME display being visible, but any attempt to turn the dishwasher ON by pushing the ON icon simply shuts the display completely off, e.g there is no indication of power being on, anywhere on the dishwasher. Something serious seems to be wrong (control module?) but something in the automatic door opener had to be involved based on the fault message: AUTOMATIC DOOR OPENER FAILURE. So far, I don't think you've provided any helpful answers.


Maybe I'm not explaining the problem clearly? What additional info can I provide to help you diagnose?



Sorry Don I guess I mis understood you. I apologize.
Basically all you need to do is check power the door lock / latch assembly. That is what I call the door lock on your machine.

If there is no power to the door latch/lock then I suspect the main control board to be faulty. Bit if there is power to the lock and her the latch nor the lock are activating the control or even moving then replace the door lock assembly.

There should be at least two wires that run to the door lock in the door. They go from the control to the lock. And there at the door lock with a multimeter set to voltage you will have to check voltage being supplied to the lock. Out the leads of your ac volt meter to the door on wires at the terminal on the lock and check for power.

If you have Lowe and the lock is not working then replace the lock assembly.

And remember, to access to the lock assembly you will need to remove all the screws on the inside of the door panel. Then separate the doors and panels to test the lock.

I also suspect the controls to be faulty since the machine will not start or light up correctly in the display. Just make sure you do the checks I outline above and you will know exactly what is wrong with the dishwasher.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Jon, you obviously are not familiar with the Miele model I'm trying to troubleshoot. The door opener/closer is not in the door; it is in the main body of the dishwasher. An arm from this device engages the hook inside the door, mechanically, then the arm retracts for fully close the door, then the arm extends automatically to open the door about 4 inches when the cleaning cycle is finished. The user, me, engages/disengages the latch simply by pushing the door against the arm (engaging) or pulls on the door handle (to disengage). The door opener/closer is NOT in the door, it is in the upper part of the cabinet.


The machine provided clues to the problem when it displayed the fault message "AUTOMATIC DOOR OPENER FAULT". This automatic door opener is NOT in the door; it is located in the upper part of the cabinet. After clearing the fault message (circuit breaker on/off) , the unit performed normally for one complete cycle, then the same fault message re-appeared. From that point on, the unit ceased to function at all (won't turn on).


Your suggestion to take the door apart makes no sense. Your comment that you suspect the "controls" to be faulty also makes no sense. You earlier refer to a "main control board" which may be faulty. Okay, how do I check and replace the main control board?


I guess my answers must have been a little confusing for you? Or maybe have got lost in the miscommunication somewhere down the line. All I was trying to explain was that if the latch to the door was not working correctly that you need to open it up and look at it. If the latch is on the dishwasher housing abovethe top middle part of the door, then fine look there first. There also has to be some kind of catch for the latch inThe door. That is all I wanted you to look at.

But if the machine worked fine once after reseting the machine by flipping off the breaker, then yes' I do agree that there may be some sort of electrical failure in either the controls or the main board itself.

In your machine there is a front panel, the control board more commonly known as, in the top front part of the door. That is the area where you select the cycles. And a main board either behind that or in the bottom of the dishwasher in the base.

I would recommend remove the interior screws to the dishwasher door and pulling the inner and out panels off. This will once you access to the controls. Take a look there first to see if you can see any shorted or cut or otherwise damaged or grounding out wires. And also take a look inThe door for the main control board. If you don't see anything then it is under the machine in the base pan.

And sorry for the lack of description for the location of the boards and door lock components, I don't have the exploded view diagrams of the machine. I am working off prior knowledge of working on these models. And sometimes the models can have subtle differences. Like th door latch system.

But please understand that I am here only to try to help you. Not cause more grief. So please don't just give me a negative rating. If you feel that I have not helped you enough please come back to the chat and tell me and I will try to help you more. And if I can't help you more I will find someone else that can.

If you would like to continue working with me to find the solution to your problems please remove the negative rating against me and perform the checks for the control board I describe above. The come back here and tell me what you have found. And I will continue helping you.