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(Appliance Doc Only) Remember that Frigidaire side by side

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(Appliance Doc Only) Remember that Frigidaire side by side that was leaking and I thought it was the coupler for the fresh water? Had to go back. Checked everything I could think of and finally poured water down the Evaporator drain tray to see if it was frozen. It wasn't, but water dripped from under the center of the fridge after I did. Must be the connection or hose coming from the drip tray. Is that fixable or not even worth the bother?
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Could you tell exactly where it was leaking from under the refrigerator? Was it leaking from the floor under the refrigerator or was it leaking from the drip pan after the water entered the drip pan?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

The best I could tell, it was leaking from under where the drip pan is. From the front, you could just see the drip and couldn't tell where it was exactly, except it was just below the area where the drip pan was. From the back, however, though it was very hard to see, I thought I could see a black rubber hose, and that is where it seemed to be dripping. The hose seems to be in front of the condenser. Another thing, the evaporation pan is dry and has dust in it.

OK so you're going to want to check closer and see if it's coming from the rubber tub connection where it connects to the floor of the freezer, or if the drain pan is cracked and causing a leak on the floor. You can always pour a cup of water into the pan and see if it leaks to determine if there is a crack. If you don't find one, remove the drain hose and flush it through the sink faucet. You may need to put a new clap on the top of the drain hose to connect to the floor of the nipple coming out of the freezer floor better. Other than that, make sure the drain hose is actually going into the drain pan itself. Sometimes when people clean the coils under the unit they will hit it and push it out of the drain pan.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Okay. I didn't even know if people got under these things. What do you do? Do you put a scissors jack under it and tilt it back or what? I've heard you're never supposed to get them to much tilted because it can mess up all the liquids (refrigerants, lubricants) inside the system. This will be a first for me, so how do you get it in a position to work on it?

You never want to tilt the unit more than 30 degrees or so, but I usually remove the food out of the refrigerator and freezer, then tape the doors shut. After that I just put wood blocks under the back or front to tilt it so that I have 5 or 6 inches of space to work on.

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