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whirlpool rbd245pdq11 double 24 inch oven issue. top oven upper

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whirlpool rbd245pdq11 double 24 inch oven issue. top oven upper heating element did not turn off when the oven was shut down. Element began to flash/spark just like a sparkler would. There was a small area of intense heat that was travelling around the element. The coating on the element is bubbled where the sparking occurred. What caused this and what is the fix?
Hello my name is XXXXX XXXXX you for choosing our service.

What happened is a relay got welded shut on your control board. The control board is in the same panel where your touch pads are and is linked below. There is an image of the board at the website so you will know which it is. Click just below.

The sparkler effect of the oven element was the element burning out. It is quite common for them to when they go out burn in this manner so you will need to replace that as well to complete the repair. You can add part number(NNN) NNN-NNNNfor the broil element to the link above if you use it to order your parts. If you wanted to shop around or locally you can use part number(NNN) NNN-NNNNfor the board. That will get you both parts and take care of the problem. Please be sure the power is off to the range before replacing these parts.

If you have any questions at all about anything please ask me. If not then please leave a rating for me.

Thank you,
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Noted. Thank you. I have replaced the board once already so I am familiar with how to do this. Is the element difficult to replace? It appears that it should not be.


You are very welcome, thank you for the opportunity.

No the main thing you need to worry about is keeping in mind that element wire connectors will be hot even though the oven is off, so be sure it is disconnected from the outlet or the breaker is off.

There will be 2 screws at the top near the front of the element and I believe if I remember correctly there will be 2 at the rear as well. Also be careful pulling the element out so you do not accidentally disconnect a wire and lose it in the wall.

Thats about all I can think of it is pretty straight forward to change an element. If you have changed the board before you should have no trouble at all.


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