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Hi John

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Hi John

Jon :


Jon :

Which john are you looking for?

Jon :

I can help you with your Asko dishwasher. I have worked on them many times before.

Jon :

as far as for the soap dispenser not opening, what kind of soap are you using? and does the dishwasher wash the dishes as normal? If using gel packets and placing them in the dispenser that alone can be the reason for the soap dispenser not opening. And if the dishes seem to not get as clean lately as they once did, the poor pressure from the wash motor would also cause a lack of pressure to the dispenser. And it would not open from that as well.

Jon :

now, as far as for the drain not working, if the drain hose is not kinked or obstructed and causing the no drain, you will have to pull the machine out to get to the back and tell me if you hear the drain motor humming?

Jon :

if yes, the drain is humming then you either have seized drain motor or something clogged in the internal drain line that needs to be cleared. I would advise power off the machine and pulling the hoses to and from the drain motor to check along with the drain motor impeller as well.

Jon :

if no blockages found then replace the drain motor.

Jon :

please get back to me here again when you are ready to work on this machine again or if you have more questions and i will help you more.

Jon :



Yes my friend is using gel packets - told her to just throw them in the machine instead of the dispenser - she is only using the "normal" wash cycle (I guess normal does not have a prewash to waist the soap) But the non-draining is the more critical issue now. This is probably an old dishwasher - she can't find a model# XXXXX anywhere and she checked the strainers - nothing stuck there. Am wondering if worht fixing or if I should buy a new ENERGY STAR® Kenmore 1511 dishwasher, on sale now for $299 instead of $440 from Sears - realize the Asko is a much more expensive brand so worth fixing even if old?. Any recs?


My own dishwasher is a Kitchenaid IC Series - also old - and does not seem to heat anymore thus not clean very well even if I let the water at the faucet first run till hot. Same question: worth fixing? or replacing? Is it the timer? Estimated cost to order from internet?


Thank you for the response. Unfortunately the website had an issue with the live chat feature and I was not able to see your answer until now. I apologize for the delay.

First off, about the gel packs, tell your friend to definitely just through them in the bottom of the tub before washing dishes instead of putting it in the dispenser. And when she runs out of them tell her not to get them again. they are a waist of money in my opinion. Gel or powder detergent washes better and is much cheaper.

Now as far as for it being worth it for her to get the drain pump fixed, I would have to yes. This Asko machine she has now is way better then any Kenmore or sears machine out there right now. It washes much better and will last longer as well. If the drain pump hoses internally or the drain motor is just clogged or seized then it should only cost about $125-$300 depending on the company coming to do the repair, would charge. And in my opinion, again it would be worth it for her to fix this one rather then getting another cheaper one. The dishwasher she has now is almost a top of the line as they come.

And as far as for the dishwasher model number, the model and serial number are usually printed on a sticker that runs along the side of the door. ANd to see it the door should be opened. If it is not there then just tell me what the dishwasher says in the front of the door? The model indication will be something like asko 3251. That is actually the model number.

But please remember this is only my opinion. If you feel like that she would rather get another dishwasher that is fine to. There are many good machines out there these days and many sales now that Labor Day weekend is here.

Please get back to me here again if you need more help or have other question and I will help you more. If you feel that I have helped to answer your questions please remember to positively rate my performance below with ok service or better rating so that I may get credit from the website for helping you. And again, if you have more questions even after positively rating me, please feel free to get back in touch with me here at any time and I will help you more for no additional charge.

Jon and 3 other Appliance Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Still waiting for your answer on my 2nd dishwasher - but no rush, whenever you or someone can get to it.


Kitchenaid IC Series - also old - and does not seem to heat anymore thus not clean very well even if I let the water at the faucet first run till hot.

- have meanwhile looked up the model # XXXXX this Kitchenaid

KUDN230YBK - many parts incl. timer no longer available on line - Any input on what part or funtion might be bad?


I am sorry about that. I didn't even see your question.

But yes, most parts on this oldie but goodie has been discontinued and will be very hard to get. Actually near impossible to get.

If the dishwasher is no longer heating nor cleaning very well that is from a worn out main wash motor and heater. In your machine there is heater that will heat the water after it comes into the dishwasher then use that hot water to clean the dishes. And if the water is not getting very hot you will be cleaning dishes with cold water. Which, as you can imagine, is not very effective.
And if the wash motor is sluggish and not pressurizing the water very well any more either then the water will not be sent to the wash arms to wash the dishes.

This is very common on these older dishwashers. There is a quick test I would like for you to do before you completely disregard this machine and get a newer more energy efficient one.

With the dishwasher completely empty, put only four glasses, standing upright in each corner of the upper, and shut the door. Set the dishwasher to a normal wash and start the cycle. Let the dishwasher completely fill with water as normal and begin its wash cycle. Let it wash for about a minute then open the door and look to see how full the glasses are.

After a minute the glasses should be at least 3/4 full. If they are not, then we know for sure the main wash motor is failing and not sending water to the wash arms as properly or forcefully as it should.

Now if you need any parts on this machine again, it will be nearly impossible to get since the age of the machine and most of the parts been made no longer available and discontinued. And if the dishwasher doesn't fill the glasses in the test above, I would just get another machine.

And KitchenAid is actually one of the brands I recommend the most for dishwashers. it is made by the Whirlpool brand and is a very good one. You can get a decent model starting at about $1000. And yes, it will be way more energy efficient then the one you have now.

Please get back to me here if you have any other questions and I will help you more for no additional charge.

Thank you.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Many thanks - just did water test - fills up just fine, just not heating the water.



Also noticed that water does not seem to drain unless the cycle comes to an end. So that makes me think: should I recommend to my friend with the Asko to start another cycle to see if it drains - maybe her usual "normal" cycle she uses got interrupted or something or does not work properly anymore but another program might still work and drain at the end. Is there a overflow risk to start another program/cycle if the water didn't drain?

the water should not drain unless the cycle is calling for a drain or if you are canceling the current cycle. Just wanted to be sure you knew that?

But if the dishwasher is not draining at all, even when canceling, then no. Please don't start another cycle until the water from previous cycle is out.

Now if the dishwasher works in other cycles it is worth checking. And if the dishwasher runs as normal then we know the main control needs to be changed.

It seems that you have a few different problems here with your dishwasher. The first being it is not heating the water. The second is that it is poorly cleaning the dishes. and now, it is not draining.

I would like for you guys to cancel the current cycle by hitting the cancel button, if your model has one, and start a new cycle. But if the water still doesn't drain then you will have to bail out the water before running a new test.

With new test, run a normal heavy cycle with hot water start and sanitize cycle if possible. This will heat the water as best as possible. Let the dishwasher fill as normal and start to wash then wait about a minute and open the door. If the water is not hot and there is no steam then you can be sure the heating element is not working. ANd you can also check the glasses left up top in the rack to see how the motor is sending the water to the upper wash arms.

If the glasses are not full then you know you have a bad motor and if the water is not hot as well you have a bad heater.

If multiple bad parts in this machine then you may want to start thinking about getting a new machine. again, this would be for the Asko dishwasher. But if you are talking about the KitchenAid, then again please remember that if you need parts, it will be extremely hard to find because most parts have been discontinued. And you will be forced to get a new machine.

Please get back to me here if I have confused you at all or if you have more questions.

Thanks again.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks - no we are still talking two different washers - Asko not draining, Kitchenaid not heating. I just noticed when doing your water test with the glasses on my Kitchenaid that water does not drain unless the cycle is completed. So I thought this would be normal - as you have confirmed - and figured that my friend's Asko may have gotten interrupted or something. My Kitchenaid does not have a cancel button - not sure if the Asko has one. So there is nothing one can do to test if a cycle simply got interrupted if there is no cancel button?


By the way, my Kitchenaid has plenty hot steam at the end of the cycle, just no hot water at the beginning.

If the cycle was interrupted on the KitchenAid the start button or status light should flash. Indicating the current cycle has been interrupted.

The Asko may not give you any indication as for when the current cycle has been interrupted.

But in either case, If the cycles have been interrupted lets say by opening the door in middle of a wash cycle to add dishes, you should be able to close the door and the washer will pick up right where it left off. So if the Asko is not draining at the end of the cycle then you need to look and listen to see if the drain motor is humming or vibrating or not. Then look to see if the drain hose is not blocked or kinked. If there is no kink and the drain motor is humming then you have a bad drain motor. And it will need to be either replaced or pulled out of the machine and checked.
No heat for the KitchenAid is only the heater or relay. So if there is no heat for the start of the wash cycle but heat at the end as it is steaming the dishes dry then you have a bad thermostat. But if there is no heat at any part of the cycle then the heater is bad. And possibly even the main control. But again, with parts being discontinued you will need to replace the machine if it is not working correctly.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks - all set - except I don't understand the system anymore, wanted to increase my rating for you and then it asks me to pay another $23 to add my rating - while previously I was told that by signing up I could get advice for a month before I get charged again. Really confusing so let's just call it a day.


yes, the rating system is something they are constantly trying to improve upon.

If you are a monthly subscriber then you can ignore the fact that the website will charge you again. It will only charge you the one time. The one monthly fee. That's it.

And at any time if you feel like I deserve a bonus or tip for a job well done you can come back to add that as well.

But as far as for the payment, just ignore what the page says when it says that you will be charged again, you will not.

If you have any other questions please come back to me here or come directly to my profile page and you will be directed to me. And you can ask me anything you need to there. And I will answer the quickest. again.

Just copy and paste the link above to your browser or to your favorites if you want to come directly to my page. And again, I will answer you directly and in the quickest fashion.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Found again the link for a bonus and sent 10 extra bucks - really don't dare to change my rating for you as the system explicitly asks to authorize "additional $23" - if this is a bug in the system, then ask them to fix it.


Cheers and thanks a bunch, Jon.


I completely understand about the rating system. It is something the website will continue to work on.

Thank you for the bonus. It greatly appreciated.

Please get back to me here if you have any other questions and I will help you more for no additional charge.

Thanks again.