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I have a Miele G892 SCU Plus that has worked well for about

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I have a Miele G892 SCU Plus that has worked well for about 10 years of fairly heavy use (2x per day). Now, when I turn on the unit, the drain pump runs without stopping and the cycle never begins. Actually, I never even hit the start button. If the power is on, the drain pump is running. There is no water in the unit. If I put water in it, the drain pump pumps it out immediately (as it should).


Any ideas what may be happening?  Is this something I can DIY or do I have to use a Miele tech in order to get parts.

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This is a very common issue. The flood system has activated. You have a leak under the unit. The water leaks and collects into the basin under the unit and raises the flood float activating the flood protection system. You need to pull ther unit out of the cabinet remove the side covers and see if you can find where it is leaking from. Check the pump and the main motor seal those are the most common area for a leak and then you would need to replace the part that is leaking.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks! XXXXX find a leak that requires parts, is that something I have to go through an appliance repair facility to fix? Or are there Miele parts online somewhere? My thought is that it may not be worth pulling it out myself if I can't get the parts to repair it.


Or, since this is a relatively common issue, is it likely that I can repair the leak without buying new parts?

You can get miele parts from miele at(NNN) NNN-NNNN It may or may not be worth repairing depending on if it is the motor assembly. That is very expensive and a bigger job to do.
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