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electrifier, Master Electrician
Category: Appliance
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Dacor ecs130sch .... 40 amps circuit breaker connected to ecs130sch

Customer Question

Dacor ecs130sch .... 40 amps circuit breaker connected to ecs130sch oven which operates @ 30 amps .... Looks like circuit got burnt ... Any suggestions to make this oven work ?
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  electrifier replied 3 years ago.

electrifier :

Can you explain what got burned? Do you have a volt meter to do testing? Was there some event that caused this problem?

JACUSTOMER-mz1ftclq- : It appears some circuit / pcb burn. I have multi meter. Events that triggered this problem follows
JACUSTOMER-mz1ftclq- : 1. Oven outlet is 240v 40 amps and we connected our oven dacor ecs130sch ( power specs 240v 30 amps ) to outlet.
JACUSTOMER-mz1ftclq- : 2. We heard buzzing sound from oven soon after connection.
JACUSTOMER-mz1ftclq- : 3. Followed by circuit pop sound with burn smell
JACUSTOMER-mz1ftclq- : 4. Oven died eventually.
JACUSTOMER-mz1ftclq- : i have volt / multimeter
electrifier :

First just to be sure check the receptacle for power. Is this a 4 wire receptacle? The two outside slots should be 240 volts and either outside to the center slot, either center of 4 wire, should be 120 volts. We want to make sure the receptacle is wired correctly. Was a power cord field installed on the oven?

JACUSTOMER-mz1ftclq- : It is 4 wire receptacle. It was wired correctly. I am looking for a way to make my oven work.
JACUSTOMER-mz1ftclq- : Will 40 amp feeding to 30 amps appliances damage the pcb of appliance ? Second, I would like to make my ecs130sch which appears like dead now revive.
JACUSTOMER-mz1ftclq- : Please let me know if this is something you can help !
Expert:  electrifier replied 3 years ago.
The 40 amp breaker will not cause anything to happen to your appliance. It will not trip until it reaches 40 amps as opposed to 30 amps, is the only thing. If the appliance for some reason begins to draw over 30 amps the breaker will not trip. If you change the 40 amp breaker to 30 amps you will properly protect your oven. If the receptacle is wired correctly and the power cord is wired correctly on the oven and it does not work then the oven is bad. Hearing a buzzing sound makes me wonder if something was wired wrong. Normally the white goes in the middle and the red and black go outside with the ground going to the frame for the pigtail connection. Make sure this is wired correctly. You might not have a white connection inside the oven if it says 240 volts and not 120/240 volts.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I have checked the wiring and it seems to be right. I am trying fr ways to revive my oven which does not ON and looks like i need to contact local service person as i don't feel JustAnswer is correct forum for this kind of questions.


I appreciate your time .. thanks !

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

While i like your responses, it did not solve my problem as it falls into appliances category. I have decided to go with local service man.

Expert:  electrifier replied 3 years ago.
If your circuit board is damaged we can't fix it for you. It the oven was wired correctly then it just died. If it is new there is warranty. If it is not new you got a bad oven. I don't have enough information to make this call for you.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Appliance is not under warranty hence i was looking for some appliance service provide to answer the same. For some reason JustAnswer assigned professional electrician to answer my question.


Hence i don't see a way to get my answers here !

Expert:  electrifier replied 3 years ago.
You posted the question in electrical, not appliance. Now you give me a bad rating. I will be happy to transfer this to appliance and you know what you need to do first. Let me know if you want to be transfered.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.



Just answer is the one assigned expert to my question and it was not my choice of expert. I posted a question for appliance and they assigned expert electrician.


I had to give the poor rating since i know my problem is not going to be solved. So i had to save my $$$

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I would like to close the question as i realized JustAnswer is not a right forum to get my answers.