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Yes, model # XXXXX XXXXX Series 08 Serial 307463

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Yes, model # XXXXX XXXXX Series 08 Serial 307463 (Maytag dryer)

Thank you. Excuse the break, but Sunday's life took over! /AJB
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Unit is electric

You may have a burned out heater. You need to remove the center dived panel and access panel behind it to get at the heater in the heater tube. You should unplug the unit and then set your ohm meter to continuity and check across the two main heater lugs that are attached to the heater tube. They have a white porcelain spacer on them so you know you are testing across the correct ones. If the meter shows it is open as if you have the meter leads not touching then the heater is bad. If you touch the meter leads together the meter should beep and show 0 ohms. If you check across those two heater leads and that happens the heater is good and you may have a different issue. If you do not have a meter this will be difficult to say 100% since you need a ohm/volt meter to really figure it out.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks for your help. we are seniors and cannot repair it even with your good instructions. we must call a technician. /AJB


My husband just said we do not have an ohm meter.

OK I am sorry to hear that. This machine is a the best stackable ever built so it will be worth repairing and should not cost a ton to get fixed. All I ask is please rate my assistance and have a great Labor Day!